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Ice are definatly one of Jump-starts Favourites (Sorry to the other Bands!) They have shown such determination that we couldnt possibly not support them! Tyler, Simon and Steven have an ever growing fanbase, and are fast attracting the attention of Music Industry V.I.P's!

L-R Steven, Simon and Tyler!

The 3 Lads played some roadshows over the summer - But spent most of the time recording Tracks - This takes them longer than 'regular' boybands - Because the Sexy 3, Write AND Produce their own Tracks!

Not only that - But they have spent the last few weeks, Preparing for their very first Video shoot - which is being edited as we speak!

Yet to get that all important Record deal.. Tyler, Steven and Simon continue to write tracks and we wish them loadsa luck, Make sure you get out their and see them ASAP!

Get Up Close and Personal With Steven, Tyler, and Simon by clicking their names!

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