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Heat Recently had a full page in Bliss Mag and have been busy recording some tracks!!


Essex Boys Heat, are already setting the hearts of adoring fans on fire... and are due to cause a stir in the Pop World.. Gav, M-Jay, Aaron, Andy and Mikey have been gigging all over, collecting an army of fans along the way!!

We went to see the lads last month, expecting the usual : All Dancing, All Singing thing, That you get offered from most boybands.. but after a chat with them and seeing them live, we can certainly say they are more than your "Average Boyband". They always sing live, and have a hand in writing all their tracks. They have the most amazing personalities and you are going to love them, for sure!

Click Here for Photos of the Boys in Chelmsford
Click Here for Photos of the boys Show Case at Sound Republic
Click Here for Photos of the lads at Pop Show