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  1. So what have you been up to since Jump-start last interviewed ya?

    Erm.. Its been ages aint it?? Well, we have recorded a master of one our songs, "This Time". We worked with a top producer who’s been working with Wyclef Jean, Gabrielle and Sonique. We all had a brilliant time and we’re recording some more tracks there soon! We’ve also made a video for the track as well! So we’ve been really busy! Now we’ve got some gigs coming up.

  2. So, U’ve lost a member - Any plans to find a replacement?

Nope! I think we’re all happy as a three and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback as just the three of us!

3. Describe TYLER, to some one who has no idea who you are..

I don’t know do I??!!! Crazy, very easy going, very determined. Ahh that’s enough!

  1. So.. What makes you different from other boybands?

Well, we write and produce all of our own material. We basically do and have done everything ourselves. We are a very self sufficient band!

5 .Have you always wanted to be famous? Why?

I don’t know if i’ve always wanted to be famous. I was always into writing music and I guess I just want a chance for people to hear what I can do, and a bit of fame is always a bonus!!

  1. Who are your main Musical influences?

    When I write music, I take bits of everyone, if I hear a musical phrase or particular part in a song, I use that as a starting point. But I listen to and enjoy most styles of music, I like pop band music but I also love music by Travis and Stereophonics.

  2. Cadbury Creme Eggs.. How do you eat yours?

I just shove the whole thing in my mouth and make a huge mess!!!!

8 . Burger King or McDonalds?

I used to like Burger King better, but the other day, I had a really %&*$ tasting burger, so its put me off. So it will have to be McDonalds then! But only for the time being!!!!!

9 . Gherkin - Take them out or Eat ‘em?

Take the gherkin out, and give it to Steve! He loves em!

10. If you were a Super Hero - What would your Super Hero Power be??

I would be Record Deal Man. And I would give all the bands on Jump-Start and any other bands that are talented a Record Deal!!!!!

11. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

There’s loads of things! I’m really self critical so don’t get me started!!!!!! lol

12. If you could join ANY other Band - Which band would you chose? and why?

I would like to join Destiny’s Child, cos I think Beyonce’s well fit!

13. Message for your Army of Fans?

Thanks for everyones support! We all appreciate it loads and I’d also like to thank all the websites and radio stations etc that have helped us and believed in us. Keep your eyes out for us!!