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Jump-Start first saw The Magnets live at a local Radio station Roadshow - and we have to admit that we were very impressed by the 6 lads..

James, Nic, Steve, Mike, Colin and Andy were kind enough to let us watch them rehearse and sign pictures and cards for everyone who wanted them - And aswell, as making a fantastic impression on the audience - they were invited back on stage to perform for the 2nd time in one night..

The unique thing about this band is that they use NO instruments, the whole drum beat is produced with their mouths - and it is this aspect of the band that appeals to their fans - and the fact that they have fabulous and catchy songs.

The Magnets are going down a storm in Germany - and have been performing at loadsa gigs over seas - They released their much anticipated album and 2nd single in the UK a few months back, and are just out and about at the moment, Gigging as much as possible