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Sexy Boyband BBMak caused a storm in the UK when they released their Debut single, Back Here, Last Year - and have since spent their time over seas in Hollywood - Where they are proving extremly popular. They recently re-released Back Here in the UK - And reached the Top 10! The band are still supported by Jump-Start and we wish them even more luck for their next release
Pic Borrowed From the Official Site :)
The band consist of Mark Barry (The B), Christian Burns (The Other B) and Stephen McNally (the Mc/Mak), and they all play their own instruments and write their own songs,
BB Mak have spent over a year in America.. Supported Britney Spears! Sold more records than Westlife! and Basically stormed the charts.
And now theyre back in the UK - Ready to re-release their Debut Single "Back Here" in February!

They Recently released their self-titled debut album over in the states.

Check their Official Site here