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Consoul are Matthew, Tobias and Jonas all aged 21 or under and hailing from Sweden.

Their debut single "Eye of the Tiger" reached the Swedish Top 20 and is expected to do well in the UK when it is released.

Matthew Green - A rapper and singer,
Tobias Kagalind - A Ballet dancer,
Jonas Saeed - been performing since he was 9!

Having listened to their debut single - Eye of the Tiger, Jump-Start are very impressed - The version highlights the guys great voices - very unique and very cool! It is a very up-beat version of the song. It is a shame that the single isn't original - But it is a great start to a pop career as the song is strong and with the right promotion - This band are going to do well!

The band are currently working on new material and working on the European Market - We hope to see them back in the UK very soon