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Jump-Start Met up with Ben, Gareth, Jon and Alex at Lea Manor High School in Luton during November.. We interviewed them for you.. and heres what they had to say!

Jump-Start : Hi Guys! Can You Start by telling us a bit about yourselves

Jon : Hiya!!! My Name is Jon, Im 17 Years old, Im a Taurus, Ive Got Blonde hair, and they say Im the baby of the band!

Gareth : Heya! My Name is Gareth, Ive got loads of hobbies, especially sport - Vollyball, Swimming - I dont really know what Im classed as in the band - I soppose im the cool one, ya know?

<Everyone Laughs>

Alex : Hello! My name is Alex, Im a sagitarus, Im nearly 18 years old - They class me as the proffesional one.

Ben: My Name is Ben. Im17, Im 3 days older than jon - and Im the sensible one - I dont really do any sports, But I LOVE singing and Dancing!

Alex : He cant play football to save his life!!

Jump-Start : How would you describe your music?

Alex : Some if its Rap, some of its pop

Jon : Its ours, and we like it

Gareth : and hopefully everyone else will aswell.

Alex : When you hear it, you will know what we mean by different

Gareth : Loads of feeling goes into it..

Ben: and its the stuff we like doing

Jump-Start : So, Whats the best thing about being in a boyband?

Gareth : G-I-R-L-S

Alex : Its the attention you get, say like when you go to a studio. They treat you like a King - Like your the greatest thing in the world...

Jon : and when we do TV and stuff, its cool - We just sit in the make-up chair... and get stuff done for us..

Gareth : And having the experiences to go on stage in front of thousands of people - and perform and give our best.

Ben: Its all good - But I soppose the worst thing about it, is going home after a gig. Like today, We'll go home and its a bit of a come down from the screaming girls - I mean, In our home town, Yeh, I we are known.. but because we havent made it yet... its wierd!

Alex : Were very close!

Ben: yeh, We are very close to making it!

Jump-Start : Who are your main influences..?

Jon : My Best Boyband is NSync.. I love them, I think theyre wicked - I think theyre dancing and theyre songs are just amazing.. so, Im influened by them really.. and LFO.

Gareth : Well, Boyband mine would be Nsync aswell - But I soppose my main influence would be Robbie Williams, Hes just my idol and I think hes great!

Alex : Um.. Vocally I like the Backstreet Boys and for dances and stuff - Its the same as Jon.. NSync

Ben: Where as Im a bit different, I mean - I would absolutely love to be as popular as Nysnc - But I do support and like the British acts - Northern Line... and A1 are my fave Boyband at the moment - I tend to look at everyone - Steps and everyone for influence..

Alex : (coughs) Pavarotii!!


Gareth : Seriously <In Silly, High pitched voice>

<The rest of them join in with a loads of "Seriously's" - very funny>

Jump-Start : What is your favourite song of all time?

Gareth : Drive Home Alabama <We think!>

Jon : Mines Red, Red Wine - If You've heard of it?

Alex : Mine would be something like Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley - Something really 80's - and some of the BSB's stuff aswell

Ben: Umm I dunno..

Jon : (Mutters something about storms)

Ben: I like Abba, Dancing Queen is quite cool - I just like really poppy stuff basically

Gareth : I do think Bryan Adams and Everything I Do, I Do It For You is really wicked aswell

Jump-Start : What Is Your Favourite MORE Song?

Gareth : Flying again!!!

Jon : Yeh, Gareths is Flying Again. Mine would be Let me be the one coz its really fast and uptempo..

Alex : Mine would probably be - I believe in Love, Its the really different track that we do - Its got a bit of rap and stuff

Ben: Weeelll.. Ive got 2 actually.. My fave slow one is Flying Again, Thats cool - We have had girls crying on stage because of the songand my fave fast one is

Alex : Yeh We did! The other week, They started crying!

Ben: That was nice!

Jump-Start : So, You like making young girls cry do ya? lol

Alex : In a nice way!!

Ben: Its nice to get a reaction.. and my fave fast one is Ya know what we want/Boys Grab a Girl.

Jump-Start : What Have you go in your pockets?

Ben: Fluff!!! haha

Alex : Look what Ive Got (shows guys something - which he WONT show us) That was in there from the other day!

Jon : A List of the songs were doing today and some sellotape (its blue!)

Gareth : 60pand some chewing gum

Alex : A wallet - Can I have a chewing Gum?

Ben: I've nothing but fluff!!

Jump-Start :Which household appliance cant you live without?

Ben: Hairdyrer

Alex : Yeh, Otherwise my hair wont stay like this - It goes flat!

Gareth : and he a mirror - But he breaks everyone he has!! But for me it has to be a TV!

Ben: I dont really watch TV

Alex : Ive got a pack of CDS that I take everywhere - So those

Jon : Soundsystem

Jump-Start : Whats Your fave breakfast cereal?

Alex : Frosted Shreddies - Theyre lovely and I love them in the morning! Theres Nothing better

Gareth : Museli...

Others : ughhh!!!

Gareth : Museli.. Seriously (in stupid voice again)

Ben: Mine is probably Oat so simple.

Other : Oat So Simple.. seriously, Oat So simple.. Oats etc etc

Jon : Mine is Rice Krispies - coz they pop!

Jump-Start : If You could be any animal.. what would you be and why?

Gareth : A cat, because theyre so lazy, They just lie around all day - Which is what I would love to do, but in this industry you cant.. so nevermind

Alex : I would love to be tiger or something like that - Big and Strong - Laze around in the day and then just kill someone and eat them

Ben: I wanna be a bird, You get to see wicked things

Jon : You Get a birds eye view - hahaha

Gareth : Id like to be a dog because..

Jump-Start : I thought you wanted to be a cat?

Gareth : No, Ive changed now

Jump-Start : CAT-DOG!

Alex : That was a cartoon series wasnt it? - Wicked!!

Gareth : Anyway!!! Id love to be a dog because to have a dog that respects you - you have to treat it well.. and I wanna be treated well in this industry.

Ben: We can be serious - honestly! Ignore the mucking about!

Jump-Start : Do You have a message for your fans?

Gareth : <in high pitchedd voice> Hhhiii!!

Jon : Thank you to EVERY Fan of ours..

Gareth : You are all absolutely fantastic and without you we wouldnt be here

Alex : Thanks for all your support and everything

Ben: Keep supporting us, Keep watching the site, Keep an eye out for us..

Gareth : and.. and.. and!! One more thing - SERIOUSLY

Gareth : Lets end it on a good note

All : Seriously!!! Seriously (in some funny, wierd voice)

(c) 2000 Jump-Start : Thank you to Mores management and to the band for taking time out to conduct this interview!