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Dynamic are a wicked, 3 piece Boy/Girl band that are going to Melt your hearts, Rock your world and generally take pop music by storm!

Ian, Pete and Hayley have only been together a short time, but have already bonded well and are starting recording as we speak - so its only a matter of time before they get out and about Gigging!

The Gorgeous Ian is a regular on Jump-Start and was part of one of the first Bands we ever featured (BLAST!) and has kept in touch ever since - Its great to see him back again, and hope you all continue to support him!

Blonde Pete Dunn is a cutie - and your all going to love him! Hes everything needed to be in a band - Good looks, Personality etc and then joined by Hayley, They make the perfect team!

Keep your eyes peeled coz dynamic are coming..