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Jump-Start : Tell us your full names, ages and an interesting fact!

Dan: Danielle Nicola Lane, aged 17 Everything has to be tidy! I am obsessed with things being clean and I can't stand going to bed knowing that something is in a mess.

Sophs: Sophie Megan Stratford, aged 17 When I go shopping I have to buy soemthing, otherwise I'll be miserable.

Nat : Natalie Ann Lane, aged 17 I can never keep still, I'm always on the move.

Jump-Start : What makes you laugh

Nat : Got to be Danielle

Sophs :Yeah, definitely!!

Dan : Em..well I do make myself laugh, but we all find it funny when someone falls over! (we know it's cruel but it can't be helped!

Jump-Start : What has been your worst fashion disaster?

Dan : Has to be the leggings with the orange Doctor Martins!

Nat : Oh god, you looked nice!

Sophs : I'm just glad I didn't know you then!

Nat : You can talk! You had a bright flowery dress in your wardrobe

Sophs : I liked that, but I suppose it was a bit of a disaster

Nat : Got to be the "shell suites"!!

Jump-Start : Have you had any embarressing moments? If so, what?

Dan : Where can I begin?

Sophs : Well you are a bit of a walking disaster! Do you remember when I got my leg caught in a chair routine on stage? I fell with the chair..I was embaressed!!

Nat : Yeah we didn't know if she was going to laugh or cry, but we were in hysterics! Mine was on holiday once, sunbathing on a Li-lo. I was trying to impress this boy I liked, when a wave went over my head and I went under.

Dan : You came out looking like a drenched rat! I've got so many embarressing moments it's hard to pick one! I remember when I started school and I was trying to look good in front of the older years, when I tripped down the science stairs backwards

Sophs : Not a pretty sight!

Jump-Start : What's the best thing about being in a girl band?

Sophs : Getting to do what we love most, performing all the time. I love arriving at big venues especially if there are well known bands on

Nat : I think meeting new people and experiencing new things, being able to have the chance to do what I love and enjoy. We all just feel so lucky to have such an opportunity.

Dan : The times we have together are just so funny, I'm always laughing because we have such a great time together!

Jump-Start : Is being in a girl band everything you imagined?

Sophs : Everything and more!

Dan : It's really hard work but we enjoy it.

Nat : Yeah, I don't think people do actually realise how hard we work.

Sophs : I know what you mean, everyone sees us perform but they don't know how ward we have worked to get where we are at the moment.

Dan : But we enjoy it and that's the main thing.

Jump-Start : Do you have a favourite pop band if so who?

Sophs : Backstreet Boys!

Nat : Destinys Child and the Corrs

Dan : TLC, I think they have a great image

Jump-Start : Who are your main inspirations?

Dan : Mariah Carey.. Whenever I hear her sing, it makes me work harder in the group as she is amazing. Her lyrics are brilliant to.

Sophs : Mine has got to be Celine Dion. Her voice is so powerful, it inspires me a lot.

Nat : Shania Twain & Madonna. Madonna bcoz she has a great outlook on life and doesn's care what people think and look where she is today.. She has come along way.

Jump-Start : How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard your songs?

Nat : Light, bubbly, young, loud, bouncy and makes you smile

Sophs : Sounds like a sweet

Soph : We are sweet!

Jump-Start : If you could duet with anyone in the world,.. who would it be? And why?

Sophs : As a group we'd all love to duet with the Backstreet Boys but on my own I'd love to perform either with Celine Dion or Tom Jones. I think he is amazing!

Dan : I'd love to duet with Geri Halliwell or Robbie Williams. Geri is amazing.. she has such a unique voice, I'd love to perform with her.

Nat : Michael Bolton or George Michael for me. They both have developed great individual styles over the years.

Jump-Start : Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Inspiration : We see ourselves working somewhere in the music industry, either in production, choreography, writing songs or hopefully still working with the group.

Jump-Start : What do you think of the Jump Start Website?

Inspiration : Brilliant site! great to make contacts and keep up to date with other bands on the circuit!!

Jump-Start : Do you have a message for any of your fans?

Inspiration : Thanks for your support, stay in touch through the Website and stick with us!!!

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