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1) So, Simon - How you been?

I’ve been very well thankyou.

2) We hear that you have gigged at a few Radio Roadshows.. tell us more!

Yes, we performed at loads of radio roadshows over the summer, at the highlight was Fox Fm’s Party in the Dark. We performed alongside, Liberty and Blue and loads of other huge pop acts. It felt great to be among them all!! I especially enjoyed getting the "star" treatment!! (sweets in the dressing rooms!!!)

3) Any plans to "update" any more of your songs, similar to This Time?

Yes, we’re going back into the studio very soon to record a brand new track and we will also record "Upside Down" before christmas. Its great to finally be recording in a professional studio instead of doing it all at Tylers house!! (sorry Tyler!!).

4) Rate your own Sexiness out of 5

2 ( Jump-Start HAS to disagree )

5) What are Steven and Tylers WORST habits?

Steven has a wind problem. Tyler picks his nose.

6 ) Cadbury Creme Eggs.. How do you eat yours?

Bite off the top and lick the middle.

7) Burger King or McDonalds?


8) Gherkin - Take them out or Eat ‘em?

Take them out and give them to Steve.

9) If you were a Super Hero - What would your Super Hero Power be??

I would like to be Gold Man. So I could turn everything to Gold. (I’m not greedy, no??)

10) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

I would make myself worry free and less moody!!

11) What’s Better - Salad cream or Mayonnaise and why?

Mayonnaise, because I can’t stand Salad Cream.

Message for your fans?

Keep supporting us, as we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the near future. We will be out gigging in the new year with some brand new tracks. Keep your eyes peeled and thanks again for all your love and support.