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Hiya Robbie, How are ya?
I'm not too bad thank you.

You've recently recorded some new tracks.. tell us more!!

Yeah I've recently recorded a couple of tracks, which I'm pleased with and have turned out well, the first track i did was called Got That Somethin' and I've just recently got a new track called Boogie On The Dancefloor, they are pop tracks but have a good RnB edge to them, I'm pleased with the responses I've had from the tracks from my website and e-mails I've recieved from people etc.., it's really good, I'm about to go into the studio to get some more tracks done very soon also so their should be more to come.

When can fans expect to see you out and about Gigging then?

You know what, you don't know how much I want to get out and start gigging again, it's been so long but I've been through a few patches and stuff thats needed me to get my feet back on the ground so i wanna make sure I've got everything right and together so that when i can finally get out gigging again I can do it in style..he he

You've been both in a band, and solo - Which do you prefer and why?

Thats hard, theirs advantages in each field, with the band you've got your mates with you, it's a more bigger experiance on stage too with more people but theirs a lot of disadvantages too being solo such as being greedy and getting all the parts yourself..he he, also it's more challenging vocally cause you have to do the parts which in the end shows a more diverse vocalist, also being solo means I'm open to more options within the music industry, they dont tend to like bands that are already together as you probably have gathered so it's rare they sign bands like that, no matter what the artists may say bands always have some sort of manufactuiring done to them, which is the same with solo artists too like moulding the sound of the artist, the image etc.., it's all manufacturing, but when you present a band without good representation behind it to A&R your chances are fairly low of getting your deal compared to your options as a solo artist, I learnt that from my 5 years with 3-Street, we were close to so many deals but before you get your deal you have to go through about 5 or 6 A&R men, one close deal we got was all the A&R's said yeah let's sign them, but one was 50/50 for the simple fact they already had a boy band on their label which at the time they had Ultra & The Corrs and stuff.

If you were a flavour of Ice-Cream, Wot would you be? and why?

Any thats tasty..he he

If you were a super hero - What would ur magic power be?

Hmmmm, thats a hard one, it would have to be something good that i can use for everyone, get rid of all the hurt and sadness in the world or something like that, I'm gonna think on that and try invent something..he he, if i dont make it as an artist I'll be a successful inventor..yeah right..ha ha

Whats your fave breakfast cereal? (Hot or Cold Milk?)

Errrm, I like Coco Pops with cold milk.

And whats next in the life of "robbie"?

Hopefully to keep going strong and i say this every time but hopefully I'll eventually break through and go on to achieve happiness and success within my life.

Do You have a message for your fans?

Well yeah, to everyone who has given me support so far I want to let you know that i really do appreciate it so much, I'm really pleased that i've not let you down with my music and stuff which makes me feel good inside that you've liked what you heard and hopefully you'll continue to like what i come up with in the future, a massive thanks to everyone who's given me any tiny bit of support, it all helps and gives me a reason for doing this, thanks to Debz too for the support with JS, your a star..he he, see ya xxx