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We have just recieved a copy of out of boundzs! New Demo Cd and the only way to describe it is amazing - I was totally blown away by the songs and I am sure you will be too!

The 4 Track CD contains 3 songs and a Xtended mix as a bonus! Gonna Get You, One Last Chance and Fixing a Broken Heart are all sure to send out of boundz to the heights of fame!

Gonna Get You

The first thing that you will notice about this song, is the resemblence to American Boyband " N Sync " - However, It does offer that Unique out of boundz!! sound that we all know and love, Gonna Get You is bound to go down well live, and I cant wait to see the dance moves for this song!

One Last Chance

This is a typical out of boundz song, and will remind regular out of boundz! fans slightly of "Loving In The Woods" - It has a hard hitting beat and wicked lyrics It is a great song to turn up loud and shake your thang too - Another great out of boundz offering!

Fixing a Broken Heart

WOW! I can not possible describe this song to you truthfully - as there are no words that can describe how powerful and brilliant this song is - Its a rare treat for out of boundz! fans, and will even shock some - Its a Ballad! The song really proves that the band have an amazing range of talents - They write songs, They Dance, They rock the house and they sing!

Surely World domination is the only path for out of boundz to take!
Once you have heard these songs - I am sure you will agree!