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Hiya Girls.. So Who are you?

Hello, nex-us comprises of Anna, Frankie and Hollie. Visit to find out all about us...

Where did the Name Nex-Us come from?

Well. we were desperately looking for a name and we almost tried everything we could think of, until Hollie decided she would look through her albums to get any ideas, and she did. Hollie found the name from Another Level's 2nd Album..

Who are your Main Influences?

We have many different influences which shows through our music, but we never like to categorize ourselves to one certain style, we class our music as the nex-us sound our influences are very varied, and there are so many artists we look up to, that it is hard to say what our main influences are. They range from Stevie Wonder to Bon Jovi. We also love R&B Hip Hop & Soul, Motown.

What would you say, makes you different from other girl bands?

We write all our own songs, we have now written 32 songs. We only sing live and we all have very strong voices., and we co-produced our demo CD. All of that makes us special.

Whats the bands ONE Ambition?

World Domination.

How will you know when your famous?

(Frankie) when we hear our songs being played in the background of the Queen Vic on Eastenders

(Hollie) When a crowd sings our songs back to us

(Anna) When our songs are on a Karaoke list.

If you were to place an Advert in a Lonely Hearts page.. What would it say?

(Hollie) Miss Whiplash seeks, tall, Dark, Handsome Hunk.

(Anna) Miss refined sophistication seeks man on trial

(Frankie) Funky Chick seeks funky dood.

(Hollie & Anna) Bite off top, suck out middle and eat.

(Frankie) Shove it in\

If Nex-Us was an Ice-Cream, What flavour would it be?

Neapolitan... Because there are different flavours to us.

Whats next for the band?

We are in discussions with different record companies, so watch out.

Message for your Fans?

A big thank you for all your support, we will do you proud.