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* More Interview *
Band Rehearsals, Taunton - 4th May 2001 (KCS 18th!)

We Gate crashed the guys rehearsal time, to catch up with them, get the low-down on new member of the MORE Family, Dave and ofcourse, wish KC a very happy 18th Birthday, Heres what they had to say for themselves!

Jump-Start : So, Whats been going on since we last interviewed then guys? Theres been atleast one major change that we have noticed!

All : Basically, As you can see - Ben isnt with us anymore, He left the band for his own personal reasons and we are all still very much good friends - We now have Dave in the band with us, he was a member of the original band - but left when he broke his leg - But now hes BACK!!

Jump-Start : So.. Dave Tell us a bit about yourself..

Dave : I'm dave, Im gagging to be famous. I'll do anything in my power to be famous! My Star sign is cancer, Im the baby of the band - But definatly the toughest!!

* Whole Band laughs *

Dave : I like pasta, I like singing, Having a laugh, going bowling, swimming etc!! I love gigging, Performing, being on stage! Its not just the girls screaming etc - its about the music we do!

Jump-Start : So, Whats it like being on the road with these 3 then?

Dave : Its a laugh - Ive known them all for ages, outside of the band as friends!! KC is a joker, and Gareth likes to think hes funny! KC likes to play tricks and catch you out, which is funny but annoying! Alex is like the seal.. hes just there! hes up for a laugh, confidentm friendly and brings us al together.. and Gareth is loud.. and basically hes GARETH! and he never stops eating!

KC : He likes to think hes the best cook, but hes not!

Jump-Start : So, We know enough about Dave now.. But what is everyones fave song in the Top 40?

Alex : I know mine straight away, Its O-Town Liquid Dreams at the moment, I think theyre really great - Theyre cool! and i Love it!

KC : Yeh I like O-Town, coz theyre like N'Sync! But I really like Shaggy's New song - Angels! I reackon its gonna be really big - As big as It Wasnt Me!

Dave : Well.. I dont like O-Town, coz theyre just a copy of the Backstreet Boys! They sound good, but I dont really like them - And i dont really know who else is in the Top 40 to be honest!

Jump-Start : S Club 7? Geri?

Dave : I just Like Backstreet Boys and NSync - Thats it really!

Gareth : Umm.. Well.. I do like the song from O-Town, Its a really good song - But my fave is definatly Stereophonics, Mr Writer! Without a doubt!

Jump-Start : So, What are the best and worst things about being on the road?!

Alex : The best things is Definatly being on stage.. but the worst thing is when your driving him with mad Gareth, and your trying to go to sleep!

Gareth : and were only allowed ONE stop on the way there and ONE stop on the way back!

Alex : And Gareth cant get enough food!

Gareth : Nah, Thats right! I have to stock up when we stop!!

KC : The best thing for me, is on a 4 hour trip, u get to sleep for about 3 hours of it - which I LOVE!

Dave : I never sleep!! Gareth always keeps me awake!! But the best thing about being on the road is being together and having a laugh!

KC : Our manager has the same brain age as us (hahaha) and just chills out with us, so we have a laugh!

Gareth : I reakon the best thing about being on the road, Is just enjoying it, Making sure everything is spot on and that everyone has a really good day!

Dave : We're very lucky - Not Many people get to do what were doing!

All : Yup! Exactly

Jump-Start : If you were a superhero, what would your superhero power be!?

Alex : Ummm.... Spiker-warrior coz of my spikey hair and my power would be to freeze everyone, have a look around and do what I wanna do, and then un-freeze them again - So, To Stop time would be my power!

KC : Mine would HAVE to be Inspector Cheek - Coz I am very cheeky and i like having a laugh and Id have laughing gas coz i like making everyone laugh!

Dave : Mine would be stressy Man!! Im not stressy, but i like to do things my own way, so id like to have a power, where i could just lift them all up and put them where i want them to be!!!

Gareth : Mine would have to be RuffZader.. and *in stupid voice* Id like to say on the matter, that id like to bring world peace to you all god bless you!!

Jump-Start : Okk.. Complete This sentance.. Im so glad that im..

KC : Im More.. * Sings * More, More, Just a little bit more!

Alex : Doing this for a living!

KC : Actually doing what I love, We're so lucky to be doing this for our job!Gigging, Being on TV - Doing what some people can only dream of doing and i love it! Its the BEST feeling!!

Dave : I feel exactly the same as KC really! I dont wanna be a policeman or a doctor - I wanna be a " popstar"

Gareth : Im so Glad that Im...... ME!! End of Conversation!!

Jump-Start : So What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Alex : OK, I'll tell you what I had.. a Banana, An Orange and a plum - on the way to here this morning!

KC : I had nothing, coz i never eat breakfast! If I eat Breakfast, I normally get ill - so i go without, plus im normally in too much of a rush to get to rehearsals..

Dave : Banana and Cornflakes!

Gareth : I had, Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice and 2 Poached eggs on toast!

Jump-Start : What have you got in your pockets?

Alex : A Hula Hoop Wrapper and a piece of Cardboard! and thats it!

KC : I have a Mobile phone, coz im waiting for a txt from some one!

Dave : Mobile phone!

Gareth : In My Pocket, I have my autograph - MY NEW AUTOGRAPH BOOK which im gonna get BRAND NEW AUTOGRAPHS IN!!

Jump-Start : Are you gonna get these guys?

Gareth : Yeh! I am actually... go on guys! sing my book.. hahahahah

Jump-Start : Which Fantasy flavour Ice-Cream would u invite?

Dave : Backstreet Boy Flavour, So when you lick it, u get the BSB sing to you!!

Manager Kev : How about MORE Flavour.. The MORE you lick it, the MORE you want!!

* Everyone claps *

Alex : Pizza Flavour.. or Chinese Chicken!! Yeh Chinese Chicken (KC is not impressed)!

KC : Mashed potato Ice-cream!!

Gareth : Mine would be a triple choclate, Mint wiith Toffee and freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Sorbet

Jump-Start : What colour socks do you have on? (Question Courtesty of

Alex : Black!

Dave : I have odd ones on!

KC : Black Kappa

Gareth : Kickers.. oh yeh! Kickers.. Grey, red and Green Kickers!!

Jump-Start : What do the band have planned next?

Alex : We're back in the recording studios next week, then we're back on tour,

KC : Touring, Recording, rehearsing!

Jump-Start : Do you have a message for your fans?

Alex : We love you and we couldnt do this without you - THANK YOU!

KC : Come to our gigs please and meet us!!!!

Dave : Please dont throw polos on stage at us anymore!

Gareth : You are all marveolous, peace to everyone, thanks for coming to our gigs - respect

Dave : Over and out!

<c> - With thanks to Manager Kev for helping to arrange the interview, and the lads for taking time out of rehearsals to answer the questions