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Picture the Scene, 2 Jump-Start reporters are sitting at home,Bored on A Saturday Evening.. And so Decided to hop in the car and take a 2 hour journey to Andover.. to See Boyband MORE Strut their stuff.. We were hoping for a fun nite - Plenty of laughs and to definatly be entertained.. and We were definatly not disappointed..

Just as we arrive - The MORE Boys do aswell (along with Hannah, Their Management etc).. It was pretty hard to not notice them arrive - As they were in a Dark Mini Tour Bus - With the Words.. "MORE, MORE, JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE" and "MORE ON TOUR" etc - Scrawled across the back in a funky text!

Anyways, After lots of Hellos etc.. We enter the building and follow the lads into the "Male Changing rooms" The lads excitedly tell us about the gig they did in Liverpool the nite before, and tell us how busy the place was and how well they went down (not that its suprising).. Ben also shares tales of Washing Powders and Dirty clothes...But We'll save stories for another day.. =)

The lads then have a chat to SODA CLUB - The other band that are playing tonight and wish them luck when they leave to do their set.. Ben, Gareth, Alex and Jon then venture out to watch sodaclub perform.

Sadly tho, When Soda Club return the female vocalists tells the band that its the worst gig she has ever done, and that the crowd were extremly quiet.. Leaving the lads a little nervous! How ever they have nothing to fear.. and when the lads hit the stage at arond 9:30 the crowd goes ballistic - Screams and Cries of WHOOP WHOOP fill the air..

MORE, Did a 4 song Set..

The Sexy "Dont Fight This Feeling", The Funky "Let me Be the one", The Slow and Lovely" Flying Again" and lastly The very smooth and cool California.. and We recomend you get out and see the band, the Songs will blow you away.

The thing that is probably most amazing about More, Is how close they are as a band.. and also how they manage to Blend Wicked Dance routines with Fantastic Funky Songs - and they do it with Style!

The Band then did a 45 minute Signing and then were invited to WOW the crowd again with a repeat perform of the Fab Let Me Be the One!

More are one boyband that definatly know how to entertain - and are sure to be a big hit with the rest of the pop world - As soon as they hear about them - So Get out and see the band as soon as you can - Their Wicked Moves, Funky Songs and lovely personalities will be sure to convert you to a New Found MORE fan!!

Special Thanks go to The Bands Management, The Band And Hannah - For letting us annoy them all nite :) and Big Shout outs go to Christie, Sabrina, Lisa and Sarah!

Pictures Coming Soon