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When MORE payed their second visit to Lea Manor High School in Luton, Jump-Start was invited to witness the dances, the songs, the girls and more importantly.. The screams!!

MORE had already played a gig at the same school a few weeks ago - and were invited back to do a charity Gig in aid of BBCS Children In Need...

It took Ben, Gareth, Alex and Jon nearly 4 hours to get to the school - But were still full of smiles and laughs when we met them for the first time when they arrived at the school...

At about 4:15 the hall started slowly filling with students, and then the chants began..

MORE Finally made their first apperance - to be greeted by tons of fans, screaming, clapping and chanting!!

Over all, MORE spent over an hour on stage - and the fans loved every single second of the performance - They even gave 4 fans the chance to join the band on stage and be serenaded by the lads - which the girls were extremely pleased with!

When they had finished, the audiences screams of WE WANT MORE.. demanded the band come back on stage - So they finished their set with 3 more songs.. and the crowd were happy!

The band signed for ages afterwards - and proved to be extremly popular!

MORE definatly get Jump-Start's seal of approval - For their slick dance routines, wicked image, Fab songs and very, VERY lively personality ( - Note To The band "Seriously")

We would suggest you get to see this boyband, very very soon - You are definatly going to be entertained!

Pics - Click Here!