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Jump-Start Met up with Martay in July - And this is what she had to say (Her dancer Tyrone had a few words too!)
Martay : Hi! Im Martay!
Tyrone : and Hiya, Im Tyrone, One Of Martays Dancers...
Jump-Start : Hi, Ok.. So, How would you describe your music?
Martay : I would love to say that its straight R 'N' B but it isnt, Its Pop, R 'N' B with a hint of rap - I guess thats how I would sum it up.
Jump-Start : Cool, So What are your main musical influences?
Martay : I'm really into the American Stuff, I like the stuff that Damage are coming out with now, from a British Perspective - But I really love the American Stuff - Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson,
Tyrone : SISQO!
Martay : YEH! WHOOO SISQO! So, Yeh, Its just the American R n B Artists Really.
Jump-Start : So, Tyrone, Is that the same for you?
Tyrone : Yeh, Definatly.
Jump-Start : What made you first want to be performers?
Martay : Nothing "Made" me want to be a performer, I just always have wanted to do it - from about the age of 3. The usual story really, Little Girl, Going to Ballet school and then I did a little bit of modelling when I was about 12.
Tyrone : Yeh, Me aswell. But I wasnt a great dancer, So my Girlfriend (Zoe), Helped me out and touched me up a little bit.
<Everyone Laughs>
Jump-Start : You worked with ZZ Top didnt you? What was that like?
Martay : Yes, Well What happened is that the track "Gimme All Your Loving", They have never actually let anyone cover it before - So I didnt actually record it with them But I went out to met them after the track was done - I flew out to Texas and they were really nice guys.
Jump-Start : You peformed at Rollers last year, What has changed for you since?
Martay : Well, Last year i was obviously promoting my last single (Gimme All Your Loving). Which I would say is kinda different from what I am doing now. Not in terms of the rap (Ive always done that). But musically I would say I have sort of moved on a little bit and you can hear more of the R N B influences, Ive had been away, been writing and just working on new songs for my album.
Jump-Start : What are the best and worst things about being a performer?
Martay : The best thing is just the buzz of being on stage, even if its a bad response - But alot of the times its not, although we went down to a place last week and they were a little bit stiff.Thats not to say they didnt like it, coz I dunno, But the best thing is being on stage..
Tyrone : Yeh! And ofcourse the screaming Girls!
Martay : And The worst thing (If there is one) is all the travelling, Because you get tired alot - But other than that its all fun at the end of the day.
Jump-Start : What has been your best gig so far?
Martay : We did a gig in basingstoke a few weeks ago, An out door radio show (I cant remember what Radio Station it was for - everything just blurs into one!). That was good, because it was my first gig back since the break from my first single and It was the first time the public heard my new single. - So it was good to see what they thought of it. There was about 15, 000 people there and the track went down really well.
Jump-Start : What would you say makes you different from other acts around?
Martay : Obviously, Musically people wouldnt hear my song and say WOW that is so different but, I do think I have a slight edge, I do rap aswell and My stage show is cool - I like to give a performance in terms of dancing - Which is why I like people such as Janet Jackson, Sisqo and Robbie Williams -When they are on stage, they give a show - Not just sing the song, But a real show. I would like to think I am on my way to being at that level.
Jump-Start : Lastly, Do You have a message for your fans?
Martay : All I can say is that I have been away for almost a year, But I havent been doing nothing like some people think, I have been writing, working on new tracks and Basically MARTAY IS BACK AND SHES READY TO GO!