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Jump-Start : Hi, How are you?

Marc C : Im Grand thanks and how are you?

Jump-Start : Yeh, Were fine thanks, and By The Way.. Thanks for calling

Marc C : No Problem, Is My Pleasure

Jump-Start : OK, Can you start by telling us a bit about yourselves..

Marc C : OK. The Facts :

Im 19

Born in dublin

In College Studying Media

Im proud of the fact that I write my own own music

Im working with the same producer as Samantha Mumba and B*Witched

Ive toured alot with Infocus and was with them at the Boy Mania Showcase

Jump-Start : How would you describe your music?

Marc C : Its very energectic and uptempo, A mix of R'N'B and pop!

Jump-Start : Who are your main Influences?

Marc C : My Music is very like the work of Max Martin, A Lot like the Backstreet Boys New Album - Sounds of Samantha Mumba and even some of Westlifes upbeat songs.. As far as bands go - take that/boyzone have influenced me a lot and even the spice Girls

Jump-Start : Describe yourself in 3 words?

Marc C : ambitious, energetic, entertaning.. Very good Question, Ive never been asked that before

Jump-Start : What have you got in your pockets?

Marc C : Ohh.. Hang on.. My Mobile Phone and 2 sticks of bubble gum

Jump-Start : Whats your favourite Breakfast cereal?

Marc C : Frosties

Jump-Start : Hot Or cold milk?

Marc C : cold milk

Jump-Start : What do you have planned next?

Marc C : Well.. Alot of Promotion for the cd , Doing more gigs and stuff like that!

Jump-Start : ok, Thats Great.. Thanks for calling!

Marc C : No Problem, Thanks for the interview, Take Care.. byee!!