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Lee West, is probably better Known As Lee Otter - Lead singer of Ex-Boyband "North And South".. He released his solo single (wishing) in August - and rocketed into the top 75!

And Jump-Start have managed to meet up with him to do an Exclusive Iinterview..

Jump-Start :Ok, Can you start By telling us a bit about yourself?
Lee West : Yeh ok, My Name is Lee West, My Single is out on the 4th September, Im an Aries, Ive got brown eyes - You know, Im just a young lad, giving it a little go, and We're just gonna see how it goes, And Hope people will like it.
Jump-Start : Rate Your Own Sexiness out of 5
Lee West : My OWN Sexiness? Umm ok, Probably a 4. See, Its the height, If I was tall, Dark and Handsome it would be alright.. But Im short :)
Jump-Start : How would you describe your music to some one who hasnt heard it before?
Lee West : I would say its a cross between Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears with my own little bit of style.
Jump-Start :Who are your main Musical influences?
Lee West : Its people like - George Benson, Stevie Wonder and George Michael.. People like that. Alot of people from the 60's - The Beatles and older stuff mainly.
Jump-Start : So, What is your favourite song of all time?
Lee West : Umm, Thats a hard one to answer, It would have to be One Day In Your Life, By Michael Jackson - Thats my favourite one at the minute.
Jump-Start : What has been your best gig so far?
Lee West : My Best Gig? Umm.. Hyde Park was good - I did that Last week (With Steps) and then maybe the Wembley Arena dates just before Christmas.
Jump-Start : And, What has been your worst gig?
Lee West : From my point of view it was Cardiff Castle (Also with Steps), Because I forgot my words, So I felt like a bit of a wally.
Jump-Start : What has been your worst Fashion mistake?
Lee West : That would be my hat, Its a hat I love to wear and I think its really nice but everyone else seems to hate it . Its a connor Reeves type of Hat. I like it, But people dont!
Jump-Start : What Do you have in your pockets?
Lee West : Right now, I have, My phone and about 70p.
Jump-Start : Which household appliance cant you live without?
Lee West : A Bottle Opener! Hehe
Jump-Start : And Lastly, Do you have a message for your fans?
Lee West : I dont know if Ive got any at the minute.. Anyways, I hope they enjoy the single, Hope they like the video and I hope they wanna go out and buy it.