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So, Who Exactly IS Lee Brennan?

*pauses* Im the guy who used to be in 911... Im just.. ME!

After being so sucsessful in 911, Is there anything left for you to achieve?

Yeh, Outside of singing, I want to get into Management or work in a record Company, get more involved in the Business side of stuff!

Do you get fed up for people saying "Oh thats the guy from 911" Rather than recognising you as a solo artist in your own right?

Nah, I dont mind.. 911 was the thing that gave me this chance and gave me the sucsess before so nah I dont mind at all.

What doing you prefer, being in a band or being solo?

Both.. I like both - I love being solo but I miss the other guys and the laugh you can have with them, U cant really have a laugh all by yourself But i love being Solo

What would you say has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Probably doing Wembley and getting a number 1, Because thats what we all wanted when we started out!

Who are your main influences?

All the Pop stuff, Early 80's stuff. Everything really Elvis, the Beatles - all the catchy pop stuff really have influenced me!

Whats your Favourite song of all time?

* Shouts to Martin (Tour Manager)* Whats my fave song of all time Marty? hehe

Martin : That is a difficult one, it changes every day! Something from The Wizard Of Oz. U like that! (haha).

Ummm.. I'll say something like, umm Jackson actually and Billie Jean

In General, What do you think of bands that are in the charts at the moment?

Westlife are great, but its just ballad after ballad all the time. A1 are alright, they get slated all the time 'coz some of their stuff's a bit cheesey, but theyre ok! I think theres better bands out their, that just havent got thro yet - I buy everything though, doesnt matter if I love it or not, if its Pop, I usually buy it!

If you could support anyone on Tour, Who would it Be?

*Without hesitation* Michael Jackson

If you could interview a fan, whats the one question that you would want answered?

*Pauses* Why do you follow me around so much? What is it about the music or me that you like so much (hee hee)

If you could have a phone conversation with anyone, who would you chose and what would you ask them?

Michael Jackson again, and Id ask him how he copes with so much fame!

So whats next for you then?

Just song writing and stuff, I Co-Wrote the last Blue single ( The Number 1 Hit, If You Come Back) which was cool, So Im going to be doing lots more song writing and stuff, and just take one day at a time and see what happens

Do u have a message for your fans?

Thank you so much for your support!!