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Jamie Reeves was so popular at Rollers, He was invited back on the 27th October 2000 to support Buffalo G..

Jump-Start was there (once again) to ask him your questions and heres what he had to say!

Jump-Start : Hiya, How are you? And what have you been up to since we saw you last?

Jamie : Well, Since you last saw me, Ive been down to Basingstoke to do a Gig for the Snap night - which was great. I really enjoyed that, And Ive been organising my new photos, Recorded a new track (Called Tears In The Rain which is now up on my website) and just working hard basically. Getting the machine rolling...

Jump-Start : Are You Single?

Jamie : Yup, Afraid so

Jump-Start : Describe your ideal Girlfriend..

Jamie : Pretty, Good Looking, Nice Smile and a good sense of humour..

Jump-Start : Whats your fave Breakfast Cereal?

Jamie : I dont eat cereal.. The only thing I have in the morning at work is a hot dog.

Jump-Start : What Do You wear in bed?

Jamie : My smile <g>

Jump-Start : If you could be any animal.. what would you be and why?

Jamie : Hyena, coz they laugh alot

Jump-Start : If you were a superhero, what would your magic power be?

Jamie : I would just have to look at people and they would give a big smile!

Jump-Start : If you could be anyone else for the day (dead or alive) who would you be?

Jamie : Well... Not for his off stage antics, but I would have to say Freddie Mercury, But as I say - Not for his off stage stuff - But he has a wicked show and fantastic voice

(c) 2000 - Thanks to Roseanna for her help during this interview