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* Interview with Jamie Reeves *

On Friday, 13th October - We met up with Solo Star Jamie Reeves and asked him
YOUR Questions - Heres what he had to say!


Jump-Start : So, Jamie - Start by telling us a bit about ya self :)

Jamie : My Name is Jamie Reeves, Im 25 years Old - Singer/Songwriter - I write all my own stuff and Im from Gloucester - My style is Funky Pop, What else do you wanna know?

Alan (Rollers manager) : What colour Pants you wearing? Thats what she (Debz) usually asks

Jump-Start : Thats not what I ask

Jamie : What colour pants Am I Wearing?

Alan (Rollers manager) : Yeh - She normally asks that

Jump-Start : I dont! I never ask that!!!

Jamie : Well, Anyways - They're Black Calvin Kleins..

Alan (Rollers manager) : Debz, You always ask that

Jump-Start : I dont - Jamie, Hes lying!!

<Everyone by this point, is laughing loads!!>

Jump-Start : Anyway.. (trying to be serious), Who are your main Influences?

Jamie : I have loads of Influences - The thing that started me off singing was a film called The Commitments - All the old soul and Motown.. Performers like Freddie Mercury was what I listened to when I was growing up - and when I started Dj'ing I got into stuff like Alexander O Neal, Jocelyn Brown - Disco and Funk like Marvin Gaye and ofcourse, From when I was Dj'ing - Take That - Best Boyband their has been in the last 10 years!!! and from today, Its people like Craig David, Donnel Jones, and from the writing point of you - I am looking (for the ballads anyway) to simulate Lionel Richie - Thats if I can get a ballad anywhere near the quality of his!

Jump-Start : What is your favourite song of all time?

Jamie : God - There is too many, tooooo many!! I love - Easy by Lionel Richie, 3 times a lady, Destiny, Baby Face - For The Lover In You, Jocelyn brown - Somebody else's guy, Freddie Mecury and Queen - Bohemiam Rapsody, Another One Bites The Dust, Under Pressure - I cant give you one song - id have to write you a Top 40 - But They would all be equally number 1.

Jump-Start : What would you say makes you different from other up and coming solo male Artists?

Jamie : Probably the fact that I WANT to perform live - Where-ever possible! I dont like miming - I think its a cheat - If you have the talent to go out there and do it in the studio - you have the talent to go out there and do it live! And the fact that I write my own stuff - theres Not that many up and coming pop acts that write their own material - The main people that are doing that are either heavy R n B or rock.. Theres not many pop acts like that - Theres to much sort of - singing to a swedish blokes and the same dance routines that have been used for the last 20 years!

Jump-Start : So, Why have you choosen a career as a solo artist, and not in a boyband?

Jamie : I have actually done the boyband thing, a couple of times before but things have never really gotten off the drawing board for me. So, Basically it was this or nothing really - Plus Im getting on a bit - 25!!I know that im like 4 years younger than some of the Backstreet Boys - But they started off 7 years ago - So if I was going to be doing a boyband in 7 years time - Id be like 32 and as you get older - your music progresses and changes and sounds older - so the people you are going to be aiming your music at - is going to change!!

Jump-Start : Describe yourself in 3 words..

Jamie : Confident, Honest, <long pause>...ummm.. S**t.. oh i cant say that can I - Although some people might (hehe) - Confident, Honest and Outgoing..

Jump-Start : Would you ever date a fan? (and yes, the person who sent this in - I did mention your name!!)

Jamie : Umm.. Well, I wouldnt date a fan just because she was a fan.. I date some one for their personality and whether I was attracted to them - So, I wouldnt say No but I wouldnt say yes either.. They would have to like me for - Jamie the person.. and not Jamie the singer..

Jump-Start : Ok, What have you got in your pockets?

Jamie : Car keys, Money, and some Chewing Gum..

Jump-Start : Which household appliance cant you live without?

Jamie : Definatly My computer!!

Jump-Start : What is your favourite Jamie Reeves song?

Jamie : Probably.. a cross between.. Umm.. i dont know because I really 3 of them - for different reasons..

You Set me On fire - Because Its just so poppy, so catchy and just stays in your head forever,

Baby I Love The way Because its a little bit more grown up - Its got more of an R n B vibe to it - Which is the kind of stuff Im into at the moment

And the first song I ever wrote - Keep Giving me Your Love - just because Its the first song I did..

Jump-Start : What do you think of the Jump-Start Website..?

Jamie : Its good for up and coming acts - Theres so many similar sites when there is 100's of artists But because there is only 20-30 acts on Jump-Start it gives the singers on it - and better chance of being noticed

Jump-Start : Lastly, Do you have a message for your fans?

Jamie : Keep Smiling

Jump-Start : I knew you was going to say that!!!