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Can u start by telling us a bit about yourself?

This question is an amazing way to start off a truly effective interview, Debz it's great to see my school of excellence taught u well and like all my other star pupils u never listened to a word I had to say LOL!  Well I am 23 but I look about 9 some people say 8 but thats just going a bit to far, Oil of Olay sponser me and as u can see this fancy product has reduced my ageing process and left the wrinkles elsewhere apart from my face, there u go Oil of Olay, the Love-God got the plug in LOL!  My grandmaster Love-God father is Turkish, my mum is english and thus this makes me half-turkish, as u can see Turks are the brains of britain.  I moved from Kingston in surrey when I was 13 to go and live in the midlands, my family felt it was time they had the love-god touch, street-cred was needed and it was at an all time low in the early nineties before the hot-to-trot Gourkan's arrived on the scene.  I had been singing and dancing from about 8 but couldnt take the dance side of it seriously at an early age as I felt odd wearing skintight lycra , so I decided to rip it off and perform naked in me funky lil tap shoes, this ended up with me being expelled, ahhh they needed the entertainment and they thrwe me out for trying me best, the cheek of some peeps LOL!!!!  My real main love was football and I had my heart set on being a pro football player but my other love of singing, dancing, acting and entertaining was still a big part of my life but I decided to drop these activities to more of a hobby, but who was I kidding.  At 13 I was offered a chance to go to the coventry city and aston villa school of excellence after winning the same award David Beckham won at the Bobby Charlton football school, but due to school I didn't go, well my grandmaster Love-God dad wasn't allowing me to go, just who did the man think he was, how dare he overpower his son LOL! When I was 13/14 I landed a role in the Royal Shakspeare theaters production of "Loves Labours Lost" to play the biggest part the legendary Bard had ever written for a child actor, the director had good taste picking a future oscar winning star LOL! I was still playing football on a serious level but acting was giving me the chance to win oscars, bafta's and many more prestigious acting awards.  I did a couple more years on stage with the Royal Shakespeare theater doing other productions, I landed a part in the BBC soap Casualty, yes the actors needed to be i casualty after hearing I got a part in their series, jealous I would steal their limelight LOL! I then got down to the last 2 to play a young charlie chaplin in Richard Attenborough's film Chaplin, but the part was scrapped and they didnt have the decency to offer me the lead role, the cheek LOL!  Whilst doing this I was still trying to pursue me main love of football, pele needed lessons u see LOL!  Before I decided to call it a day on acting to try and pursue me footballing dream at the age of 16, I turned down the chance to star in the West End musical Oliver, wembley was calling my name and my magical feet needed to be delivering the goods to help the kebab shop country onto bigger and better things LOL!  I went to college and in between I was on trial at various footie clubs, Gillingham, birmingham, walsall, brighton but when I was 17 going on 18 I took the chance to go and play pro footie in Turkey, I signed a contract and lasted a year over there, that country will never be the same again, it's not everday to strip when u score a goal LOL!  Due to a serious leg break and laack of confidence from a year before my magical journey, I decided to call it a day and go back to what I do best, entertain and perform and of course sing like the legend James Brown, as I am a "Sex Machine" LOL! I went to Luton uni to study Performing arts but dropped out after 2 years as all I wanted was to be star and just go for it, this prompted me joining the band "Word On The Street".  WOTS did loads of things, TV, big tours bewitched, 911, smash hits, tv hits, we had a huge yes huge fanbase, things didnt work out but it was a good memorable year and a half with them, they didnt like the fact I wanted to change the band name to "Jon-sel on the street" as u can see it didn happen.  After the split I was lucky enuff to have been offerd a solo deal, since then I have been in europe promoting, recording in the UK and getting ready for a UK release, but I save the best till last, UK will be seeing me when I release me greatest hits album in 2015 LOL!  And as they all say the rest is history, debz i would have loved to have written u my lifestory, but this is the short and brief details LOL!

Whats ya music like ?

My music is a breath of fresh air to those who have never realised what great music is, people in the amazon jungle and Guatemala have found a great way to unwind by listening to their idol jungle god Jon-Sel, I try to cater for everyone's needs LOL!  My music is different from most solo artists and bands, its rock with a edge of pop, adding dance then with a bit of latino instrumental, my songs try to be different as u want to set new trends and be yourself and not another flash in the pan artist who follows everyone elses ways.  I want to be able to change my style and direction from time to time, as u arent always catering for the young age group, u have to cover the whole board, and housewives need that incentive to get jiggy with it LOL!  My main aim is for my music to be on the level of being a leader not a follower of everything else going on around them.

Who are your main influences ?

Well theres got to be me, me , me, did I say me and of course my next door neighbours cocker spaniel who is indeed the first ever singing dog, his name is Elvis-Sel LOL!  I dont have any musical influences, the only person who can and ever will influence me with whatever I do in my life is my dad.  The difference is I respect people but they arent as much a influence, I want to be bigger and better than what is out there, so my main outlook is to look and learn and then show people how its properly done.  I have a lot of respect for pop peeps like Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell, as they have had knock backs, take the criticism and come back even stronger to prove the critics wrong, and peeps who do that deserve a huge amount of respect.  Out of the UK an artist who I believe to be a true rock n roll performer with true stage presence is Aerosmith's lead singer steven tyler, but this is only as I want to get my way into his daughters bedroom, when theres a will theres deffo a way LOL!

) Youve done the band thing and now your solo-Which do u prefer ?

I wanna dress up as a lady and join a supermodel girl band, u need to see how it differs from being in a mixed band or boyband, I need more undies to add to me collection LOL!  The band thing was great but when in a band u have to deal with more things, more problems, and u have to rely on others, there is plenty of taking but no giving.  My ego was that big on stage with word on the street, the ladies kept getting knocked off and I wasnt happy I couldnt get any bum pinching on the go as it was in the contract, dont they know who I am? LOL!  I would choose being a solo singer anyday over being in a band, its upto me if I want to make it, I cant blame others and its my choices and decisions that will get me there, so it doesnt give u the chance to point the fingers at others if all goes wrong.  The way I am on stage and with my personality, I will always want to be center of attention, so being on my own is a blessing in disguise and its what is meant best for me.

Fave song of all time?

That would have to be DJ Otzi-Hey Jon-Sel LOL! Duran Duran's song Ordinary World is me fave song as it has special meaning and value of certain good times from the past.

Describe yourself in 3 words ?

Its takes more than 3 words for that, I need to do a list longer than the ten commandments LOL!  All I say is that im a crazy, insane, joker who never wants to be down and see others around him miserable

What did u have for breakfast this morning?

Stupid Question, Myleene's edible undies of course LOL!

Bacon, Lettuce, tomato sandwich and 5 Alive Juice

What was your first job ?

Kebab shop consultant LOL! Acting at the Royal Shakespeare theater but after that as an in-between job a kitchen washer-upper, only da best for the Love-God

What do u have in your pockets ?

Mobile Phone, Wallet, Keys, scrunched up phone numbers from last night , and a pic of myself and tina from S club 7 LOL!

What household appliance cant u live without?

The Mirror

Fave brekkie cereal?

It has to be Wheetos or Golden Jon-Sel's sorry I mean Grahams

Which Flavour ice-cream would u invent ?

I would have to say Root Beer Ice-Cream

If u were to place an advert in a Lonely Hearts PAGE what would it say ?

I would never place an ad in a lonely hearts mag, im the love-god and lowering myself that low would mean the end of an era, but personally I dont see that ever happening LOL!

What do u have planned next? When u gonna gig in the UK?

At the moment im organising more weddings, got world records to break u see LOL!  Im finishing off certain tracks in the studio, songwriting and working on recording a track in Turkish.  I will soon be off to Italy to record, and promo is more than likely to take place March time in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, etc, it all depends on the schedule that is set.  Last year went really well, 21st century man was put on the US version of "Queer as Folk", it did well in europe reaching airplay top 20 lists in certain areas, the dance mix was taken well in ayia-napa and Ibiza, so things can only get better, and as peeps should know success doesnt happen overnite.  I do miss performing in the UK but the Uk music scene is not in a great way at the mo, and no artists wants to be around for one track and get dropped for the next, its a short-lived career but no one wants to have this on their CV when next looking for a job.  So this is the reason things have started off in europe, but this year touch wood there are plans for gigs and release in summertime with gigs starting april, so ladies I do save the best till last and Im getting the feeling that naked Jon-Sel butt is needed to save the day yet again LOL!

Lastly message for your fans ?

U have all been awful and have not cooked for me and fed me grapes when the time has been right, the red carpet will be rolled out next time u see me LOL!   I just wanna say Thanx for all your support, as always I will always appreciate it, just remember to not follow wannabe Jon-sel's if u do, Im warning u that they are just an imitation LOL!  Hopefully I will see everyone this summer, as the UK needs Jon-Sel's barmy army of wives back in the full swing of things, so Big Up the hoochie mommas!  Keep on smiling and of course Be Good xxxx