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Jamie Reeves @ Rollers

When it was announced that Jamie Reeves was going to play Rollers on Friday October 13th, Jump-Start was a little worried because as we ALL know, Friday the 13th brings bad luck... But we all knew that Jamie would certainly entertain the crowds - and there was no doubt in our mind that he would be extremely popular - As long as the bad luck decided to leave him alone for the night.

For Jamie the evening started at about 3:30pm - when he had to leave Gloucester, In time to get to Milton Keynes for 6 - Sadly he couldn't find the stereo for his car - So had to make the journey accompanied by his own voice (Wish I could be that lucky)

For Jump-Start the evening started at 5pm - Planning to arrive before 6PM - In time to greet Jamie outside Rollers - However.. While I was merrily driving along the A5 (On A Scooter I might add) The DAMN Scooter decided to cut out - and there was no other way for Jump-Start to get to the gig - I phoned Jamie to explain - and he insisted on picking me up and taking me home again after the gig - Which seemed like a great idea, but my directions were so bad that he couldn't actually find me.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, Jamie and I arrived at the gig at 8pm - 2 hours late!! - Quite funny when you look back at it - And Its all thanks to Roseanna - Who saved the day by directing me and Jamie to the venue!!!

Jamie finally arrived on stage at about 9:15Pm - To Be greeted by a crowd of not very enthusiastic music lovers - Jamie Belted out his first Track (Baby I Love The Way) and gradually won the crowd over - and by the time he finished his last track the crowd were loving him..

Jamie sang 3 songs - Each one funky - and each one sounding wicked... and - he sang live - Which impressed everyone in Rollers that night - After the performance Jamie signed Postcards to new found-Adoring fans for ages.. and he has now been invited back to support Buffalo G on the 27th October.. Check him out!

Jamie has a fresh and funky sound - offering something new and exciting to Pop Fans - promising to perform live at every possible Gig - Not only does he have the looks to go far - He definitely has the talent as both a singer and a song writer - Jump-Start wish him every success - and will back him all the way!

Thanks go to Jamie for a wicked night of entertainment (and a lift to the gig) and Big shout out goes to Roseanna - Nice meeting ya! See ya on the 27th!!

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