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Jamie Reeves Suprises Fan!

One Saturday Morning (5 am to be exact) Jump-Start set off to Gloucester to Visit Jamie Reeves Fan - Emma Smith.. Emma has always been a friend and supporter of Jump-Start and so I (Debbie) thought it was about Time that we met up - Little did Emz know, we had a suprise for her - Something which we hoped would go well, and that she would be pleased with!

We (me and Jamie) Turned up on Emz Doorstep to suprise her.. and the expresion on her face told us, she was definatly pleased that Id brought a friend along.

Emz who has been a fan of Jamies for over a year has never seen or Met jamie - Dispite living in the same City - However Jump-Start Changed that!

Jamie Relaxes at Emmas House!
Jamie Relaxing In Emz Bedroom!

Emz and Jamie spent about 3 hours together - Discussing everything from A1 to Point Break, His future, His past Gigs and Pop Music Gossip - Aswell as giving emz the chance to ask him any questions she Wanted!!

Emz Said : "Me and Debz had arranged for her to come down my house one saturday afternoon, only thing I didn't know was that she was bringing a surprise with her!! I opened my door to see Debz and Jamie Reeves!!! I was so shocked I had no idea  what to do! After a few minutes of being shocked I let them in, and we all went up to my bedroom. They stayed for hours, and we talked for hours, and I even gave Jamie a short mini interview!!
I want to say thanks to da best gurl on da net, Debz!! And to the king of the net Jamie and ofcourse everyone at Jump-Start For Arranging It! you guys are wicked and thanks for coming!!!

Gemma, Jamie and Emz!

Keep Your Eyes and Ears open, coz you never know who Jump-Start Might Suprise next!!