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We caught up with Steven, Tyler and Simon in Staines last week to see what
they had to say about Ice, Sadly Ben was ill and was unable to make it!

Jump-Start : Ok, So Start by telling us a bit about yourselves

Simon : Hiya! Im Simon, Im 16, I live in Buckinghamshire and Im a leo and im a member of the band.. haha

Tyler : My Names Tyler, Im 18, I live in Staines and I'm a Scorpio

Steven : Heya! Im Steven Lowe, Im 19 and im a Picses.

Jump-Start : So, What made you chose the name Ice?

Steven : It was before we got simon and Ben as members, when we were with our old line-up, we went into a recording studio and some one just suggested it

Jump-Start : So, How long has the band been together?

Steven : About 4 months

Jump-Start : and How would you describe your music?

Simon : We have all different styles, R'N'B, Ballads, Pop - Not just like 1 style - were trying all different styles to see what people like.

Jump-Start : So, What makes you so different from other boybands?

Tyler : Just the fact that we write AND produce, all our own material. Everything is done by us, Including the dance routines and we're not manufactured - We have managers, But we have a say on what we do!

Jump-Start : So, Who are your main influences?

Steven : Spice Girls!!!

Simon : For me its probably Michael Jackson

Tyler : Mines everyone.. I take a bit of everybody and their music

Jump-Start : What is your fave song of all time?

Simon : I will always love you by whitney Houston!

Steven : I Love The New Spice Girls Album! Theres a slow ballad on there thats really nice - I like that!

Tyler : Aint No Stopping us now.. By Luther Vandross

Jump-Start : What is your fave song in the current Top 40?

Steven : *sings* What Took You So Long?

Simon : Hear'Say, Pure and Simple

Tyler : I like shaggy it wasnt me!!

Steven : Tyler is the cool one :)

Jump-Start : Describe yourself in 3 words

Simon : Loud, Happy and dedicated!

Steven : I.. Am.. shy.. :)

Simon : Mysterious?

Steven : Mysterious and loyal

Simon : Come on Tyler, U have to say something.. Loud?

Tyler : Im not loud!! Im quiet!! or in between LOL ok.. Im Determind, Mental and annoying!

Jump-Start : What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Tyler : An Ice Lolly!

Simon : Toast i think!

Jump-Start : If You could invent ANY flavour of Ice Cream, What would it be?

Tyler : ummm.. Chicken!

Steven : Chicken????

Tyler : Yeh, Chicken! I like chicken!

Steven : Prawn Cocktail? (Looks at Tylers empty bag of crisps on the table!)

Jump-Start : What do the band have planned next?

Steven : At the moment were doing over 40 gigs around the UK! We're gonna be writing some more songs and keep doing what were doing basically!

Simon : Showcasing, trying to get a deal etc!

Jump-Start : Do you have a message for your fans?

All : Yeh! Keep supporting and look out for us!!We hope to be round for ever!!!!