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Inspiration certainly "Inspired" the audience at Milton Keynes Rollers. Jump-Start chatted to the girls before the gig - and they were a bit nervous at the reaction they would get - especially from the girls in the crowd. We reassured them that everything would be fine - But as you all know, Its often hard to know what type of reaction a girl band will get - Even more so when no one knows of them!

Jump-Start were right, and Inspiration were Fantastic -Wowing the crowds, Pleasing the boys and surprising the girls - Putting on a show to remember, One of the best shows we have seen by a band of their status.

The show was 4 songs long - 3 originals and one cover version - Each song showed off the girls wonderful vocal talent and amazing choreography. Each of the songs was different and had its own style - and this was finished off by perfect dance moves and great live singing.

The songs the girls did were Promises Your Heart Cant Keep, Finally Free, Imagination and a great version of the classic song "Stand By Me"

This sexy trio put on a great show - certainly a night to remember!

After the show the girls signed for what seems like millions of new/converted fans and then after some encouragement from people, tried their hands (or feet) at skating - Having great fun!

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