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" Better Than Take That "

This was the immediate comment from TAKE THAT Star MARK OWEN when InFocus sang their debut single "Be An Angel" acappella for him. Mark was part of a Music Industry panel at Machester's In The City Convention Last Weekend. InFocus were showcasing for Major Record labels at the same event.

During the course of their meeting, Mark told the band that he had parted ways with his Record Company and that he was now financing his own album. His "Red Box" organisation is based in the Lake District where he has all thge album crew living in his luxury home.

Band Member Peter was the most excited about the Take That Stars Comment, as he had been a huge fan of the 90's band while growing up. "I can't believe someone as big as Mark Owen in the pop world went out of his way to come and see OUR Showcase, he was really friendly and hasnt forgotten his Boyband roots, he told us we had the potention to be as big as Take That Were!"

InFocus And Mark Owen InFocus And Mark OwenInFocus And Mark Owen

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