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Jump-Start : Hi! How are you? and What have you been up to since we last saw you at pop 2000?

All : very Well Thanks.. Brilliant etc.

James : Bit Of Back pain y'know.. But I'll live :)

Keith : Ohh Alot has been going on - Touring with 5ive, A1 and Steps and when we get back to ireland.. We going to Support Westlife!

Jamie : So, Its all been very busy!!

James : And we're looking to release our debut single in Ireland In the Next 6 Weeks! To test The Waters..

Peter : We tried for the Euro Vision Song Contest in Ireland.. and came 2nd.. lost by 4 votes!!

Jump-Start : If You Were a Flavour Of ice-Cream, What would you be and why?

Alan : I'd be Vanilla.. Coz is Gorgeous.. (laughter from the whole band)

Keith : Mint Choc Chip - Coz Its Lovely and has the little chips in

Peter : Umm.. Id be fruity - Like Me!!

Jamie : Id be.. fruit of The Forest

James : You See, I dont think I'd be a flavour of Ice-Cream at all, Coz People would just eat way to much of me.. So i dont wanna be an ice-cream!!

Jump-Start : What have you got in your Pockets?

All : Well.. We have our stage clothes on.. So nothing!

Keith : (Produces a Piece of rope, From No Where) I had this in my pocket (I hope hes joking! hehe ) - Its an umm.. Thing!

Peter : Its a Bondage Rope!

Alan : (Points To Computer) I had this in my pocket!

James : yeh, And I had this phone (Points to the phone on the desk) andddd All These Paper Cups that We just had a drink from Came from my pocket too!

Jump-Start : If You Were a Super hero, What would your super hero Power be?

Keith : X-Ray Vision.. For When Im Backstage With Christina and Britney etc..

Peter : ohh my god! I have no idea what he means <wink>

James : So, he can see through the walls and see what theyre up to Backstage. Obviously!

Keith : Yeh!! Thats Exactly What I meant!

James : Did you see that Film!? What Women Want.. My power would be.... to rreeaaddd peoples mind!! or Telepathic so you can mooovveee stuff with your mind!

Jump-Start : Whats Your Favourite Breakfast Cereal?

Alan : Crunchie Nut Cornflakes

Keith : Co-Co Pops!

Jamie : Country Style..

All : What!!?

Jamie : Its a Museli Thing!

Peter : I like a bit of everything, Ya'know ? :)

James : Frosties Or Rice Krispies But has to be with WARM milk!

Jump-Start : The World Is going to end in one hour.. What do you do? and where do you go?

Alan : Where-ever, YOU Want me to go <winks>

Peter : I'd Kiss Debz and Thank The Lord I was born :)

James : Umm.. Alan.. What Did you say??

Alan : I said something!

Jump-Start : No you didnt!

Alan : Yeh! I said Id go ANYWHERE you Wanted me to, Debz !!

James : To be Honest, Id probably just sit here.. coz Im kinda tired! and take in the beauty of these 4 walls..

Jump-Start : If You Were a bee, Who would you sting? and Why?

Keith : Eminem.. coz he just slags boybands all the time!!

Peter : I'd Sting Our manager (John) right on the Forehead

James : Anyone who slags off Boybads

Jamie : Havent Got a clue!!

Jump-Start : Complete This Sentance.. Im So Glad That I'm..

Alan : In This Boyband!!

James : I'm ME!

Peter : In Rollers In Milton Keynes.. Coz Its a cool place!

Keith : Mine and Jamies here is the same..

Jamie : Me and Him are so Glad that were releasing our debut single in the next few weeks!!

Jump-Start : Tell us An Interesting Fact About yourself..

Peter : Ourselves?!?! Cant We do it for each other??

Jump-Start : Hmm.. OK :)

Keith : Peter.. used to be a builder!

Jump-Start : Was you called Bob??

Peter : Bob The Builder?!? YEH!! Hes My mate! We like Bob The Builder!

Alan : James Studied medicine for 2 years!!

James : Interesting fact about Alan.. before he joined this band.. he was in Vocal training School and Acting School.. For 2 YEARS!!! and thats how he got in the band...

Keith : Jamie is a Brilliant Piano Player

Peter : And keith..... Keith is a WHIZZ on Computers!!

Jamie : Peter loves to Watch Gameshows!! he knows more than the man on Who Wants To be A Millionaire!

James : and he can do all that stuff with the cocktails and stuff..

Jamie : Thats enough about Peter!

Peter : No! Come on lads! Talk about ME! ME! ME! hahaha

Jump-Start : Do You have a message for your Fans?

Peter : Thank you for following us everywhere

All: Thank you for everything! We love ya!