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* InFocus - The Promotional EP *

The Front

The Back






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Love You Again

When you first start to listen to this track - It seems like another typical Boyband song - and like it could easily be mistaken for something by Westlife or Boyzone.. But as you get into the song, It becomes obvious that InFocus have something extra to offer - Really proving that the band have what it takes to make it big. The track is written by Jamie and Peter and is a beautiful ballad, with meaningful lyrics and outstanding vocals.

Be An Angel

This is slightly more uptempo than "Love You Again" - But dont worry, Its just as amazing and beautiful! Its Co-written by Jamie, Peter and Keith and although it IS a ballad it has something special about it - The chorus slightly resembles something that Boyzone could have done but the rest of the song is slightly different and much better than any Boyzone song I have ever heard (No offence to Boyzone fans - We love them too!).

Sweet Diversion

There are no words to describe the genius of this song - and it is definatly a Jump-Start favourite! This amazing ballad has everything that a "Hit" song needs - Wicked lyrics, Great vocals and a fantastic Vibe - It is such a powerful song that is bound to be a hit with old fans and new fans alike. Our favourite line is " I wrote this song for you, for when your feeling Blue, Everytime I think of you, I say I love you" - It really shows off their amazing vocal talents.

EP - A overall Review

At first, It seemed a shame that all songs were ballads and that there were no uptempo tracks that would have you shaking your Thang! But after a more extensive listen, Its more than obvious that Ballads are what InFocus are best at, and the Ballads they do sing are amazing! - Jamie, James, Keith, Peter and Alan are often compared with the likes of Westlife - Not suprising, considering that they are 5 Irish lads that sing Ballads and Jump-Start think that if Infocus work hard enough - Their amazing voices, Wicked songs, Outstanding talent and fantastic looks, can help the band reach the same heights of popularity as Westlife - and take them beyond. Jump-Start wish them every sucsess and are behind them all the way!

Pictures (c) Infocus and Harmony 2000, Scans and Wording (c) Jump-Start 2000