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Jump-Start : Hiya Guys! Can You start By Telling us a bit about yourselves..

Matt : Helloo!!! Im Matt.. Umm.. Im part of IMPACT (obviously) I grew up in Canterbury and then moved to Grenwich. I started my career modelling and then movd into this band thing. I met Dan about 6 months ago and bascially thats it..

Dan : Hiya! I grew up in Spain for most of my life.. Well, Since I was 1.. Was born in Ireland.. I came over here, Joined Impact and my life has been great ever since!!

Jump-Start : Wicked.. So How would you descrive your music?

Matt : Rocky Pop With Lashings of R'n'B..

Jump-Start : So, Who are your main influences??

Matt : For me, Its some one like Five or Will Smith . That sort of combination.

Dan : Yeh. They're my kinda influences - That pop Style.. Five, Backstreet Boys etc.

Jump-Start : Describe yourself in 3 words..

Matt : I'm Very Tired :)

Dan : Totally Insane.. geddit? :)

Matt : Umm.. Ok. I think they wanted better answers than that hehe

Dan : Yeh, We'd better be serious

Matt : Umm.. Determined To Succeed.

Dan :ummm... (Silence) Sorry - This is why I joined a band.. Im just not clever.. ehe.. Umm.. Very Happy Person

Jump-Start : Who are your favourite bands that are around at the moment?

Dan : N'Sync

Matt : Yeh. Id Say either five or ATT (msg from Jump-Start ATT Stands for A Twin Thing and are a new girl band.. Were hoping to get them Jump-Started very soon)

Jump-Start : Which Household appliance can you not live without?

Dan : A kettle...

Matt : Umm.. Sky Digital!!

Jump-Start : Whats your favourite breakfast cereal?

Matt : Weetabix

Dan : Coco Pops

Jump-Start : If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Dan : Id be a bird!! So I could fly!

Matt : I'd be a monkey (Both Laugh) Just so I could.. hang around :)

Jump-Start : Whats Planned next For the band?

Matt : To release THE Debut Single!! Hit It As hard as we can!! and then get a follow up and album coming out

Jump-Start : Lastly.. Do You have a message for your Fans?

Matt : Stay With us..


Matt : and ofcourse.. Always make an IMPACT!