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18 year Old Danny Sovitch has been in a few bands, that for various reasons, "havent worked it" - So he took the decision to Go it alone, and try for a solo Deal... Hoping to become the next Dane Bowers! He was almost in Boyband Blue, but was taken out at the last minute and spent a few months with Unsigned Boyband EastEnd Boys.. - He was in Tv program The Bill in more than one occasion, and has also taken part in other drama performances!

We let Danny, Describe himself in his own words.. and heres what he had to say :

"I love to perform, in all, acting, dancing, and mainly singing, as it is my main hobby, and I have been singing all my life. I am always willing to learn, and very conscientious, I also enjoy socialising which is why I enjoy stage work. I enjoy playing sports such as football and tennis and I exercise a lot, including keep fit training and weight training, as one of my main hobbies is to keep fit. Another of my main hobbies is clothes, keeping up to date in the latest fashions in all types of clothing and in an overall image. Finally following music, my favourite hobby, I am always keeping up to date with the latest chart singles and albums, and I am often buying backing tracks and karaoke songs practising them non-stop. I like to sing in all types of music, I mainly like to sing soul, R&B, and pop, I have sang and am inspired by artists such as; the Backstreet boys, N'sync, BLUE, Boyz II Men, Usher, R.Kelly, Craig David, Brian Mcknight, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, etc."