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To Some People, Down 2 Earth are just another BoyBand, To Others they are that new band with Mark (A1)'s brother in and to Jump-Start they were 5 Males trying to make it big - That was until we had witnessed them Live. 5th May 2000 at Rollers was an amazing event for a few of the Jump-Start Team.. We managed to get to the front of an ever growing crowd and await the performance that was going to take our breathe away.

As Yet, Jump-Start hasn't had the pleasure of Seeing Jay J, De, Clinton, Gary and Craig Live - We had heard a demo tape and seen some pictures - and had guessed we were in for a great time. The crowd atmosphere was amazing.. The front of the crowd was dominated by the die-hard D2E fans and the back of room was full of people who had come to see what all the fuss was about.

Eventually at about 9:20 the 5 Lads took the stage and started to Blast out "Zoom", A really fast and funky track that is a great number to start with and get the crowds going, Secondly the girls in the audience swooned along to a ballad and lastly was the Great Song "Push It". Down 2 Earth had one of the most amazing stage Atmospheres for an "unsigned" Band (they have yet to get a UK Record Deal) and a phenomenal amount of people following them. The Choregraphy was fantastic - With Hundreds of great dance moves and they well put together and kept well in time with each other.

After wards they were kind enough to sign autographs and pose for photos - for what seemed like forever - with endless girls (and boys) asking them for Autographs and other 'Questions' - and the boys were only to happy to oblige to most of the requests asked of them!

Lastly the guys went Skating at Rollers - showing how "down 2 earth" they really are - With D Filming the whole event and then they posed for More Photos and then finally at about 11pm they left the building....

We have loads of Exclusive Photos of the night - In the following 3 categories :-

The Performance

The Signing

The Skating