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Jump-Start's popularity is growing week by week - But as you know, Unsigned Bands can never get to much Promotion - So now were leaving the promo up to YOU!

You know how it is - Theres only so many hours in the day - and with updating Jump-start, Going to see the bands and reviewing new music - We cant fit in enough promotion, so now its your turn!

All you have to do is tell as many people as possible about Jump-Start in as many places as you can think of and then email us the details of what you have done to - We will check whats been done.. so no cheating!!

In return - We have loadsa Prizes to throw your way - The over all winner will win 2 Tickets to POP SHOW in London's Covent Garden, for whenever you like.. Pop Show showcases only the best new Talent, and you could be rubbing shoulders with the stars of tomorrow!!! and you'll also get a load of signed Goodies..and you never know what else we mite throw your way!!!

Others who have made a massive effort will win something cool from a Jump-start act - Were still collecting Prizes.. so give us time! But when you enter.. let us know your Fave act, and we'll see what we can do!!

So. Thats is really - Promote Jump-Start in the best Ways you feel you can.. and in return, win A lot of cool Prizes!! Email your Mates, Email Magazines, Add Messages to Websites, Add our Banners Everywhere.. Add our Links to Websites, Yahoo Clubs and whatever other ideas you can come up with.. Good Luck.. Remember Originality wins!

Email your answers to Along with your name, Age, and Address (and Mobile Number if you want to be added to our SMS List) by the 30th December..Good Luck! All Email addresses will be added to our Mailing List for info and Exclusives - Unless otherwise stated!