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Chris McGivern – Profile for Jump-Start

Age: 18

Date Of Birth – 3/11/82

Place Of Birth – Shrewsbury

Family: Mum Dad, Younger Brother

Pets: No pets

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Drink: Carling

Favourite Actor: Tom Cruise

Favourite Actress: Alisia Silverstone

Favourite TV Program: Dawson’s Creak

My Thoughts On:

Chris (Melv): Good Bass, Good Gutair Player, Different voice that adds dimension to the group

Mike (Churm): Good looking lad, strong voice, just a good lad really, unselfish

Mike (Angel): very strong singer, starting to experiment with his voice, best dancer in the group

Scott: Wacky, Mad, Good lad, Do anything for anybody.

Your Management: Been a great help, got things moving fast.