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Jump-Start Met up with Rob, Joey and Warren - BLAST on the 16th June. We got them to answer your questions - and here's the answers...

Jump-Start : OK, Guys, Introduce yourselves.

Warren : Hi, Im Warren From Blast! - Im originally from Scotland, But Im half Italian. I was born In Scotland and Im 19.

Rob : Hi, Im Robert and Im from Blast! Im 18 and from Croydon, South West London. I have been with Blast! 2 months and Im having a great time.

Joey : HELLO!!! Im Joey and Im also from Blast. Im 17 years old and originally from Reading - But Ive lived over in America aswell. - and were having a great time gigging at the minute - And thanks for all these questions that you emailed in!

All Of them - THANK YOU!

Jump-Start : Rate Your OWN sexiness out of 5.

All Of Them : Ummm.

Warren : Thats a tough question, Don't you think? Umm...

Rob : I dont think anyone is right to rate themselves.

Joey : We have our good days and our bad days though

Warren and Rob : Yeah, Thats definitely true :)

Warren : We have good hair days, and bad hair days.

Joey : Im gonna be safe and give myself 3 - Which is kinda in the middle.

Warren : Yeah! 3.

Rob : Yeah, I agree - 3.

Joey - Your chickens

Warren : Yeah, We'll just copy you.

Joey : NO! Thats not fair.

Warren : If Nicky (our manager) goes mad, then We'll blame Joey!

Jump-Start : OK. Tell Us a Joke.

Warren : OK! I know one... What, Why, Umm.. (he's gets all tongue tied)..

Joey : Take your time...

Warren : What happened to the vegetarian that died?

Jump-Start : Don't Know!

Warren : There was a big turn up at his funeral (said like Turnip - I think!)

Rob : The only jokes I know, are rude ones!

Joey : I've got a really bad joke.. But I will probably say it wrong as well!

<Slight pause>

Joey : Ok, Ill Just make it up - A fish walked into the pub, and he walked up to the bar and said "Excuse Me" and the bar man walked over and said "Yes, Sir?". The Fish said " Can I have a sandwich please?" and the barman replies - "Sorry Sir, We don't serve food".

<The whole room goes completely silent - and then we all laugh at how bad the joke was>

Joey : As you can tell, Im not good at telling jokes

Jump-Start : How would you describe your music to some one who hasn't heard it before?

Rob : Funky, Edgy, Street Sound, Its very different to all other boybands, Its just got a certain edge to it. It couldnt really be seen as just another Boyband Track!

Others : I agree!

Jump-Start : Ok, So who do you think are the best boybands around at the moment?

Warren : Is that signed or unsigned?

Joey : Coz we see quite a few unsigned bands!

Jump-Start : Any Boybands, Except yourself of course!

Rob : I like Brit Pack - They're a good English band and I don't like many English bands but..

Warren : I like Point Break and I think N Sync are quite good!

Joey : Yeah, I like N Sync

Rob : Its the American side really - I don't like the likes of A1...

Jump-Start team look at him nastily..

Rob : Oops, Did I say the wrong thing?

Warren : Everybody is working really hard

Joey : And everyone is doing what they wanna do.

Rob : About A1, I don't like there music, But they're really nice guys and its not something I would listen to (He goes on about how nice they are and its just the musical style he doesn't like)

Warren : Rob, Its too late - You've said it

Joey - I like Another Level

Jump-Start : Sooo, What do you think Makes Blast! better than other Boybands?

Joey : Umm.. I think we have quite a lot of rigorous dancing.

Warren and Rob Burst out laughing

Joey : Why are you laughing at me?

Warren : Rigorous?? haha

Joey : Its true! - We have a lot of dancing that I think other boybands could do with. We do quite a few dance breaks in our songs, Where we stop singing all together and just concentrate on the dancing, and we've got an original sound, and soo thats why! WOOHOO!

Jump-Start : Who would you say were your main influences?

Warren : Some one American - Definitely

Joey and Rob : Yeh, Definitely! Yeh!

Warren : Anything we an American feel we kinda go for a funky feel and a fresh edge - With lots of dancing in it. We like American "Image" groups.

Joey : Like the Backstreet Boys - That type of thing.

Warren : Would you like a chip?

Jump-Start : No Thanks!

Jump-Start: What is your favourite song of ALL time?

Warren : Mine HAS to be Baby One More Time by Britney. I love Britney Spears because..

Rob : We call him - B*Whitney coz he likes her that much.

Joey : His real name is Britney - He's Actually Britney 2!

Warren : I love Britney Spears, I think shes gorgeous. She's a babe.. and umm.

Jump-Start : Do you actually like her music?

Warren : YEH! I do..

Joey : He just likes her looks actually!

Warren : I like watching her dancing, Especially in her cat suit in the new video. But I do like her style of music too.

Joey: One of mine, I mean this changes everyweek coz I'm really into music and I change my opinion, But I REALLY like Mariah Carey., One Sweet Day - With Boys II Men..

Rob : I like, When You Believe and Witney Houston and ....

2 of The Jump-Start team start looking at each other.

Joey : Ok, Mariah Carey is obviously not a favourite in here.

Rob : They just have good voices and they are fantastic.

Jump-Start just laugh!

Jump-Start : What is your favourite BLAST! song?

Warren : My Favourite Blast! song is "I Wont Take You Back"

Rob : My favourite Blast! song is Loving In The Woods.

Joey : Well, Im gonna be a bit biased though - See, I've written one of the tracks, So I'm bound to say that one. So Thats a hard one for me.

Warren : Yeah, Well I Wont Take You Back is very personal to you because you wrote it.

Jump-Start : Well, Then you can say that track.

Joey : OK, Then. I wont Take You Back I'll Say!

Jump-Start: What has been your best Gig so far?

Straightaway Rob Says - Hippodrome!!!

Warren : Yeah, Last night was good but also the Road Show at Bury St Edmonds was really good!

Rob : Yeah, that was brilliant actually.

Warren : Last night was good coz there was alot of other bands there.

Rob : Its when you get a good feeling and you know you have done a good gig basically.

Joey : Id say the Road Show at Bury St Edmonds because We spent a long time meeting the fans afterwards, Signing and meeting a lot of people. So I think that was great - To be able to start off our fan base.

Jump-Start : So, Do you have a worst Gig?

Rob : Theres quite a few..

Warren : I don't think we have enough time!

Rob : Its called the Black Horse and its in Mile End, East London.

Warren : We have done alot of bars and clubs..

Joey : But that one was really bad, and the stage was so small.

Warren : You cant always win.

Joey : But, because our dancing is so much apart of our show, we were to busy trying to fit on the stage.

Warren : Yeah, thats true,

Jump-Start : Where did you all learn to dance?

Warren : Well, I trained up in Scotland, coz I was born in Scotland So I did all my basic training up there.

Rob : I'm a trained dancer, I went to Dance College and left there to be a dancer.

Joey: And I, spent 6 years with a theatre company, did dance training there through musicals and stuff.

Jump-Start : So, Who does all your choreography?

Rob : ME!

Warren : Robert..


All : ROB! ROB! ROB!

Warren : He available for choreography for Parties, events, etc. etc.


Rob : My real name is Salsa Ballet!

Warren : ANDDD he's a slave driver right, coos if we don't get the Dance routines right..

Joey : Yeh, He's really hard but that does help us get the routines right.

Jump-Start : Right, So who takes the longest to learn the routines?

Rob : Are you asking me?

Others : YES!

Rob : umm < Looks Blankly >

Warren : Rob takes the longest to learn!

Joey : ROB! She's asking who takes the longest to learn the dances.

Rob : Ohhh, umm.. I dunno, I cant really say

Jump-Start : Do you ever argue?

Rob : OH YEH! Everyone argues.

Joey : Its just natural.

Rob : Thats just coz were always with each other and sometimes it just gets to much.

Joey : We all react differently to different situations. See, I get really stressed before a gig.

Rob and Warren : REALLY STRESSED! REALLY, REALLY stressed haha

Warren : We just goof around sometimes.

Jump-Start : So, Tell us a secret about another member of the band..

Warren : Ok, Ive got one about Rob - Rob.. He's scared of Snakes. But, I mean, Really, really scared of them! In the Alice Cooper shoot he couldn't get any where near it!

Joey : Um.. I don't know - Let Me Think.

Nicky (Manager) : Joey sleeps with his mouth wide open.

Joey : Noo, You cant tell them that!

Warren : and another thing about Rob, When Hes sleeping he gets spasm's and does dance routines in his sleep!

Joey : I was gonna say Warrens Britney Spears obsession But everyone already knows about that!

Rob : What can I say? Its gotta be about Joey!

Joey : Noo!

Warren : He's got a bad drinking problem!

Rob : Yeah, hes a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Warren and Rob start laughing to each other.

Rob : Warren always gets us lost -

Joey : Never, Ever go to a gig with Warren

Warren: Yeah, Im really bad!

Joey : He's worst when were going home and trying to get to his house.

Warren : Joey, hes over friendly to girls.

Joey : Theres nothing wrong with being friendly.

Warren : He gives them his number and stuff

Rob : I don't agree with that Actually!!

Joey : Im just nice and I like to chat to people!

Rob : Well come on, There MUST be something about him!

Rob : I know! Joey has a TXTING obsession!!! Hmm.. Yeah, : A text messaging obsession.

Warren : He does Text Quite alot!

Rob : So, If he gets your number, he'll be txting you ALLLL the time...

Nicky (Manager) : He uses all his credit on his phone.

Rob : On txt messages and not phone calls.

Joey : I suppose I do about 30 a day.

Rob : And he txts his friends with like "Hello, Im Here.."

Warren : And like, Im just going to the toilet!

Joey : I guess Im king of Essay messages.. I send one message - But its 3 pages long, all sent separately and I suppose thats what uses up my credit!

Jump-Start : Lastly, Do you have a message for your fans?

Warren: Thanks alot for your support and Thanks for all your emails and letters.

Joey : and Keep it up!

Rob : And look out for us, come and see us

Joey : Yup, We would love to meet you all!

Warren : And if you write to us, We WILL get back to you!

Joey : And Let us know what you think!

Warren : And keep coming to the Jump-Start Website!

Rob : coz its GREAT!


Warren : and WE ARE BLAST!

All : BYEEEE!!!!!!