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On The 27th October 2000 - Jump-Start were lucky enough to meet up with Girl Band Buffalo G for an interview - and watch them live - We had a great time, and the girls put on a great, entertaining show! Heres the questions the answered....

Jump-Start : What have you been up to since the release of Really Saying Something?

Olive : Well... We have been up to LOADS!!! We just came off the Steps tour - which actually went on while we were releasing Really Saying Something and basically we have just been touring around - We did some University Gigs and stuff ...

Naomi: We did some stuff with B*Witched

Olive : And Now were recording for our next single which should be out after Christmas some time..

Jump-Start : Whats the best thing about being in a "pop" Band?


Olive : and the other thing would be.. Umm.. getting to Perform :)

Naomi: Getting up on Stage, and being able to say something like - On 3 we wanna hear you scream.. and just hearing loads of people screaming their hardest and their loudest - for you!

Olive : And also being on the Tele - On the shows that you would usually be sitting at home watching, Your actually on it - With all these famous people who are doing it aswell.

Naomi: And Getting to do our music - We love our music!!

Jump-Start : And the worst thing?

Naomi: Early Mornings!

Olive : EAAARLLYYY mornings!!

Naomi: I know that everybody says it - But its true!

Olive : When we were making our video for Really Saying Something, We were up at 4 and we finished at 12:30! and so we were like " zzz "!!.

Jump-Start : Whats your favourite Breakfast Cereal?


Naomi: I like Special K - A nice and healthy breakfast in the morning!

Olive : Nah, you GOTTA have Frosties in the morning to wake you up!!

Naomi: Ohh, Let me tell you what she does with her cereal! and its really Disgusting!! She... Puts them in the Microwave!!

Olive : Otherwise their too cold!

Jump-Start : Yeh, We agree!!! Theyre nice like that!

Olive : Ohh!! You have Frosties like that?

Jump-Start : Yeh! Theyre nicer!

Olive : See, Us Sane people eat them warm!! If you have cold milk - you feel all cold!

Jump-Start : If You could be any animal, What would you be and why?

Olive : <Straight Away> A Monkey!!!!!!

Naomi: Id Be a Skake, so that I could slither around <does a skake impression>, and slime around everywhere.. And If i didnt like someone I would wrap my legs around them.. Even though Snakes dont have legs.. Id use my tail.. and wrap myself around them, untill they fell over!! hahah

Olive : Well Id be a monkey, because they get to wear those cute little shorts and If I was a girl monkey - Id wear pink ones!!

Naomi: Ohh! And, Id be a snake with Wings - A special Skake!!

Jump-Start : Describe your ideal Boyfriend

Naomi: Somebody really funny, who you could have a laugh with, and who makes you feel special!

Olive : Mine would have to be - someone who makes me feel good and makes me laugh! and not matter where I was - They would travel to see me

Jump-Start : Who are your main influences?

Naomi: We dont really have Influences - We like to do our own style of music.. But It would probably be people like Salt N Pepa, TLC, anybody along that line really...

Jump-Start : Whats your favourite song of all time?

Naomi : K C and Jo Jo - All My life.. if you have ever heard of it!

Olive : Mary Mary - Shackles..

Jump-Start : Who are your favourite bands at the moment?

Naomi: Destinys Child, I like alot of Garage music aswell.. and True Steppers with Victoria Beckham.. that was a good one!

Olive : Who do I like?? Umm... I love Craig Davids stuff -

Naomi: We like lots of people - Theres not just one band, or style of music we like listening too.

Olive : We like to experiment... We like chilling out to Westlife.. They soo great and I love relaxing to them.

Naomi: and The Corrs are brilliant

Olive : YEH! they are!!

Jump-Start : Do You have a message for your fans?

Olive : Yeh, Were not the type of people to just sit in the background... We like to be out front.. So dont be shy, Dont let ANYBODY put you down.. get Out there and do it!!

Naomi: Yup! and Get Out and Have fun

Olive : YEH!

Naomi: YEH!

Big Thank you goes to Roseanna - For her help with this interview! (c) Jump-Start 2000