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Song : Baby, I Love The Way

Jump-Start Comments: Well.. To Be Honest, This is one of Jump-Start's favourite Jamie Reeves songs... Even it is a bit saucy! The wicked lyrics of this song really speak for thereselves.. and anyone who has heard this song will agree that is a very strong song - that has the potential to go really far within the music industry! - The songs style is pretty hard to describe - although the song is slow - It also has a fast feeling to it - Which helps to make the song so unique and brilliant... Another Jamie Reeves masterpiece!!

Jamies Comment : - I just wanted to write a horny track!!!  I went into the studio and said I wanted this bluesy hip hop R&B pop cocktail and this is what we came up with

Lauren From BreakThru Magazine : Naughty, but infectious, with a chorus thats gonna stick in your mind forever!

Song : Tears In The Rain

Jump-Start Comments: What Can I say? No words that I write can possibly describe the genius of this song - A rariety for Jamie fans - This song is actually a ballad..and definatly worth a download from - The soulful and silky ballad will get the tears flowing and your voice box will definatly get some practice as you sing along to this catchy tune!

Jamies Comment : The ghost of my ex-girlfriend had been haunting my soul for far too long so I wrote this to try and lay the memories to rest.

Emma Smith : This song is probably one of the greatest love songs ever! It has the most beautiful lyrics, and a really good romantic tune. When I first listened to this, I fell inlove with it straight away, I had to play it again and again and again, If you love ballads then it's a sure fact you'll love this!

Ayu_Mcfadden(Yahoo) : This song is so beautiful, it poked me in the heart!

Song : You Set Me On Fire

Jump-Start Comments: This is a fast, Fresh and funky song - thats bound to get you dancing around your bedroom.. Once again the song has fantastic lyrics - and Jamies great vocals really finish the song off well - Making it a wicked track- That goes down well Live - and a great choice for a debut single!

Jamies Comment : This was written after I was told i was no longer needed by the second boy band i was in.  My girlfriend of the time really helped me through a tough time and this was like a thank you song.

Lauren From BreakThru Magazine : Lively, Catchy, Just a brilliant pop tune! I love it!

Song : I Gotta Know

Jump-Start Comments: Another Fresh and Funky offering from Jamie Reeves.. This song really shows the great potential that Jamie has as both a singer and a song writer... This is one of Jamies most catchy offerings and will have you singing the words for weeks after you have heard it.. (unless like us, you listen to it constantly!)

Jamies Comment : This was written about the time in a relationship when you have to either put things right or break up, it focuses on all the good and bad points of the up and downs of love.

Song : Spend The Night

Jump-Start Comments: This is getting a bit boring now.. NO! Not Jamies Songs - But the fact that every song is just brilliant and we are running out of ways to describe the masterpieces.. I soppose the first word that springs to mind when describing this song is mellow.. Great song to relax and chill to.. The saucy lyrics will grab your attention.. and the wicked vocals and catchy tune will have you humming along - Once again, a Wicked Song by Mr Reeves

Jamies Comment : This is about a girl whose name i don't even know but boy is she hot!!  I couldn't sleep one night for thinking about her so I wrote this song in 20 minutes so i could get some kip!!!

Song : PartyTime

Jump-Start Comments: This is THE perfect song to listen to, when your getting ready for a night on the town.. It will have you tapping your feet and shaking your thang before you even get to the chorus.. Once again, a unique and funky song - Get ready to party to this fabulous song...

Jamies Comment : I wrote this song nearly 4 years ago and recorded it just over 6 months ago.  It was written for the first boyband i was in but a month after it was written the management team decided to go with a "sweet" girl group instead.  Still, they never got to hear this song at the time but im sure they will in the future.

Overall Jump-Start Comments : As you can see Jump-Start are backing Jamie's career all the way - We are full of praise and support for the solo star - and the Tracks on his 6 Track CD really prove that he has the potential to be up there with the likes of Westlife, Robbie Williams and Steps.. Topping the charts in every country..!

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