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Matt and John

Jump-Start : Ok, So start by telling us abit about yourselves

Matt : NO! haha

Jump-Start : Ok, Next Question

Matt : Nah, Im only joking! Im Matt, Im 22, - Ive been doing this for about 3 years now - I live in colchester.. umm.. Ask John - and ill think about something else to tell ya!

John : I live In Colchester, My Names John,

John : Its wicked and things are gonna start kicking off big time - I can tell ya that!!

Matt : Yup!! It is!!

Matt : Theres a few bands about that we look up to - Like N Sync, Backstreet boys, Stuff like that - Theyre our kinda role models...

John : Basically. Thats us, really! ohh Yeh, And We love our fans!! all our fans!!

Jump-Start :Describe yourself, in 3 words.

John : I Hate ones like this!!!

John : Small.. ummm

Matt : 2 eyes, 2 legs and a pair of lungs - haha! Joke! Id say I was outgoing, I speak My mind and umm.. Well..Thats Just me.. I'll try and think of one more for ya!

John : Out going, Loud (ish) and

Matt : And he moans ALL the time, hes a moaner!!

John : I dont moan THAT much

Matt : Shall I just make one up? coz I aint got a clue!

Jump-Start : Yeh, If ya want!! hehe

John : Lazy.. There ya go, hes lazy

Matt : Lazy, hmm <thinks for a second> NO, Im not lazy!!!

Matt : I like sleeping

John : But thats not describing yaself!

Matt : ummm.

Jump-Start : Male?

Matt : Yeh, Male!! and Up for a Laugh!!

Jump-Start : What Is your favourite song of all time?

Matt : Ive got 2 - But if you only want one it would have to be.. Bye Bye Bye - N Sync,

John : Yeh, Thats a good one!

Matt : Yeh, Its a wicked track!

John : Mines, Usher - U Make Me wanna, I love that Tune!

Matt : Craig David is up there aswell!! i got loads of them tho!

Jump-Start : What was your first job?

Matt : You dont wanna know mine!

John : I cant say mine on there!!


John : I was a cleaner for about a year

Matt : I was...... A washing machine mechanic

John : U werent!

Matt : I was!!! Then I worked in Macdonalds!

Jump-Start : Tell Us a secret about each other!

Matt : Right.. John has got a bad habit of clicking his fingers like this < does a weird finger clicking type thing> .. But thats not really a secret!

John : And Matts got a habit of going hmmm.. a lot!!

Jump-Start : What have you got in your pockets?

Matt : Oh! You asked us this last time (For your info - We interviewed them at rollers - But the interview didnt work out!)

Jump-Start : and last time - None of you had anything!!

John : Train Ticket, A wallet and a pet snake.. hmmmmm..

Matt : Train Ticket and umm 500 quid is cash - HA HA

John : I dont keep stuff in my pockets - I dunno why! Its uncomfortable, coz it pulls my kegs down.. coz im soo skinny

Jump-Start : Which Household appliance cant u live without?

John : Hair Dryer..

Matt : Without a doubt - Music, TV,

Jump-Start : Whats your favourite Breakfast Cereal?

Matt : Coco-Pops!!!

John : CornFlakes

Matt : Coco-Pops!!!

John : With tons of sugar and drowned in milk!

Jump-Start : If you were a flavour of Ice-cream, what would u be and why?

Matt : Ice-cream??!!??

Jump-Start : Yup

Matt : Its like being on Blind Date.. hehe

John : Haha

Matt : I'd be tutti Fruity - coz Im fruity and Im tutti - hahahahah

John : Id be banana - coz im banana's - hahahhaah

Jump-Start : That was so tacky!

John : hahah!

Jump-Start : If you were a bee, who would u sting and where?

Matt : Id Sting Christina A, on the..

Jump-Start : Wait! Hang on - Remember that children read this.. :)

Matt : Ohhh yeh!!

John : Craig David - coz hes too Famous..

Matt : I dunno.. Id sting someone

Jump-Start : Ohh really!?!?

<laughing again>

Matt : Id sting anyone!

John : Yeh, Just sting them for the fun of it

<Laughing again>

John : Who would u sting Matt?

Matt : Ohh I dunno!

John : Really? Who would i really sting?

Jump-Start : No, Just lie <duh!>

John : Nah, Seriously - My Dad!

Matt : Why?

John : Because, He never believes anything I say!! and thats the truth - and Im gonna prove him soo wrong!!

Matt : I'd sting the train drivers - coz its a night mare getting up here! British Transport in general!

Jump-Start : the WHOLE of British Transport!?!

Matt : Yeh!!

John : With one big, Giant sting!!!

Matt : Yeh! Sting them all!!

Thanks go to Lynx Management for arranging the Interview, Christie for all her help, <C> Jump-start 2000/2001