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Jump-Start : Hello!! So You've formed a new band! Start By Telling us a Bit about yourself (and Matt, We know you Hated This Question Last time)

Matt : Yeh! I did actually! Well.. We're basically "a new groove on the Block" We've got a different Style of Music Coming at ya! We're new and We're Fresh! Making our Showcase in April!

Dan : We're Not really Going To be doing Specific Kinds of Music.. Were going to be doing different sounds and styles, that kind of thing

Jump-Start : Cool, So Who are your Main Influences?

Matt : I'd say our music was a bit of everything, We've tried to jumble it all up a bit and so, We've got sounds of NSync In there, The Backstreet Boys aswell. Also, A Bit of Garage, Craig David and all that - A mix of everything really!

Jump-Start : Describe yourself in 3 words.

Matt : ahh.. Well.. Thats Easy.. innit? nah Im kiddding... ummm

John: God, Bloody Hell.. Ohh! Cut That! Cut That!!

Matt : Yeh! Cut That and Don't put that I Said it was easy

Jump-Start : Ok, Ill Cut That from the interview (Opps Forgot to cut it)

Dan : Umm.. I dunno!

Matt : Id' Say I'm, Easy Goin', Out Goin' And Up For A Laugh

Dan : And Just like, Going out basically! haha

John: Yeh, Were basically all the same!

Ohh.. So What else did the band have to say? Rest of the interview coming soon..